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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today released the first solid evidence that a man infected with Zika, but who never develops symptoms, can sexually transmit the virus to a female partner.


13 health rules you can break

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu admitted himself to a Cape Town hospital on Wednesday “for treatment to a recurring infection”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu at a Nelson Mandela exhibit in 2013.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu at a Nelson Mandela exhibit in 2013

John Dennis leaving WEEI Morning Show immediately

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“On the bright side, I’ve lost 15 pounds and gained 50 followers on Twitter,” Bob Halloran joked. 


May good health continue to find you Bob Halloran. You are an inspiration. Felina Silver Robinson

Acetaminophen during pregnancy may increase risk of hyperactivity in kids


A year after 300 million gallons of heavy metal sludge from the shuttered Gold King Mine gushed into a tributary of the Animas River, the Navajo Nation is suing the Environmental Protection Agency for what it sees as negligence in cleaning up the disaster — serving up a potent election-year issue for Republicans against one of their favorite targets