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When you come in contact with a great giant hogweed, plant that causes blindness and third-degree burns, discovered in Virginia

Helene Z. Miller, 93, proves you’re never too old to dance



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My Way to Happiness©

National Geographic says these New England locales are among the happiest in America

Video on social media shows Clinton stumble

Image result for After leaving 9/11 event early, Clinton says, 'I'm feeling great'


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today released the first solid evidence that a man infected with Zika, but who never develops symptoms, can sexually transmit the virus to a female partner.


13 health rules you can break

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu admitted himself to a Cape Town hospital on Wednesday “for treatment to a recurring infection”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu at a Nelson Mandela exhibit in 2013.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu at a Nelson Mandela exhibit in 2013