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A website tells you whether someone has died in a house.

Credit: AP Photo/Julio Cortez
Credit: AP Photo/Julio Cortez

I love a good open house and in my quest to purchase property (and, I’ll admit, motivated by nosiness), I’ve been to more than a few.

Occasionally I’ll enter a home and immediately feel a shudder come on. When something about a place gives me the willies, I always wonder whether the space has hosted some past horror, or if it’s just my roving psyche that’s been exposed to ‘The Shining’ too many times.

Well, now there’s a website, Died In, for that. For $11.99, the site will divulge if someone has died at an address. The idea came after the site’s co-CEO and president, Ron Condrey, was told by his tenant that his property was haunted: “It occurred to me that a service which told people who died in their homes before they moved in would be popular. It’s harder to find things like this out than you think.”

At $12 a pop, you’re not likely to go searching for the history of every home in your neighborhood. But this service is clearly something that some home buyers are interested in. Consider Janet Milliken, who found out after buying her home that a murder-suicide had taken place there. She sued the realtors for fraud, arguing in court documents that the seller and the real estate agent made a “deliberate choice not to disclose the home’s recent past.”

You probably know if you care as much about your house’s history as Milliken does. Happy hunting/haunting!

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