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Trick-or-treaters among victims

Car plows into trick-or-treaters in the Bronx


Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

Gruesellia was a girl like any other girl

Despite her mole covered face,

Scarred scaling skin

And hunching back

Her heart beats as fast

As any other

Her dreams toss about

Her cobwebbed filled head

While tears of loneliness drip down

Her torn dirty dress

She stands alone for her smell

Is so foul not even the scariest of

Goblins or ghouls will stick around

The sun dares not to follow

Leaving scary dark clouds as her only companion

How could love dare come around

But to her surprise

The sun did rise

Sending the clouds packing

As her prince came a walking

Before she could scatter

To hide her hideous appearance

She felt the softness of his lips

Upon her mole covered face

Slowly but surely

Her hideousness began to disappear

Her eyes quickly filled with cheer

Which is something she had never known

The prince slowly began to whisper

Into her ear

The words

I’ve always loved you

Her face cracked a smile

So large it hurt

No longer did her tears burn

As they rolled down her face

For the moles were no longer present

Gruesellia continued to wipe away her tears

Where only soft clear skin did lie

The gleam in her eyes made birds fill the sky

No longer was she gruesome

Now before the young prince

Stood a fair maiden

Who would soon become his bride

Proving once and again

That love finds its way

Into all a deserving heart

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