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Thanksgiving surprise for struggling mother

LEXINGTON, Mass. —Just ahead of the holiday season, Allison Moran said her faith in people and their kindness is stronger than ever.  A total stranger has stepped forward to pay off her holiday bills.

“I was just in shock. When I told the kids, I was in tears. I am so grateful,” said Moran.

The Lexington mother of 6-year-old twins and a 20-month-old admits money has been tight, but she was still determined to make Christmas special.

“I went to the store a few weeks ago and I put a layaway in. Times are tough, I figured I’d put some stuff away for them,” she said.

Several hundred dollars of gifts were being held at the North Reading Walmart. They are gifts Allison had hoped to pay off by mid-December. Now she won’t have to.

“I was just floored when I got it (word) yesterday,” she said.

An anonymous donor had paid her balance in full.

“I just was so happy, so happy. Somebody did make a difference for my Christmas,” she said.

It’s a small gesture that is about so much more than money.

“I hope people continue to pay it forward for people because you never know when you’ll need the extra help and I will definitely pay it forward,” she said. “It just says that they’re really are still really good people out there.”

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