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1. Could Whale Poop Help Fight Global Warming?

2. 8 seafoods to ponder before purchasing

Atlantic Salmon.jpg

3. What’s the Next Quinoa? Farmers, Foodies Revive Heritage Grains

Ancient grains and “orphan crops” like fonio and amaranth have advantages for farmers and consumers.

4. Even low doses of arsenic trigger cancer in mice, study finds

A study by the National Institutes of Health found that levels of arsenic similar to what some people consume in water caused cancer in male mice

5. BP employees should have manslaughter charges reinstated, prosecutors argue

bp oil spill

6. Four Years After Deadly Blast, Tesoro Mostly Unscathed

7. For asthma patients, smoking and poor housing deadly

8. North West’s water contamination: A dark story of lost and ruined lives


9. Diamond-mining firms deposit death into Save River


10. In Rare Effort, Ohio Scientist to Test Water Before Fracking Soars

Baseline tests offer a template for other fracking communities worried about how

drilling might contaminate groundwater supplies.

11. Want to limit global warming? Bring cash

Solar Tower-768a

12. Waves for Worry? Scientists weigh-in on status of radioactive waters from

Fukushima reaching California coast

13. In China’s Heartland, A Toxic Trail 

Leads from Factories to Fields to Food

China environmental problems

14. What’s killing the Yukon’s salmon?

An ecological mystery in Alaska has scientists and fishermen baffled and alarmed.

15. What’s Killing the Children in Jadugora, India?

Sanjay Gope


1. Climate Change 2014: Mitigation of Climate Change

2. Bill Nye Debates Climate Change With Economist – CNN 5-6-14

3. Climate Realist Marc Morano Debates Bill Nye the Science Guy on Global Warming

4. Why “Global Warming” Failed & Why Climate Change is Real

5. Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth 2014 – THIS MUST BE SHARED!

6. Megacities of Asia Part II: Perils of the concrete jungle

 Unprecedented levels of migration from rural areas have led to a host of logistical and environmental problems, writes Vanessa Collingridge.

7. Cloud looms over a life spent hiding from chemicals.

For decades, Dorene Dougherty’s chemical sensitivity made her a prisoner in her own home. Now she and her doctor fear not even her prison is safe.

8. Danger on the plate

9. Fears of EPA ‘land grab’ create groundswell against water rule

10. ‘Ecodistricts’ discussed for new Baltimore developments

The projects could share resources to lessen impact on the environment

11. Chemical board under fire amid investigation backlog

12. Water Woes: Battling over the Brazos

Dwindling river and reservoirs spark disputes over dam construction

slideshow of drought photos

13. ‘Second punch’ of ocean acidification threatens Lowcountry

Creatures that are the base of the marine food chain are threatened by the effects of ocean acidification.

14. Democrats use climate change as wedge issue on Republicans

Democrats are hoping the climate fight will help get voters to the polls in an off-year election. Photo: Jason Wachter, Associated Press

1. Warning on bulldozing hills for Chinese cities

China Moving Mountains

2. Where has global warming baked the most in US since 1984? Maine, Vermont, New Mexico, Texas

US hottest spots of warming: Northeast, Southwest

FILE - In this June 27, 2013 file photo, tourists walk close to misters to keep cool as they walk along The Strip during a heat wave in Las Vegas. An Associated Press analysis of federal temperature records shows Nevada's capital city, Carson City, has warmed the most in the...

3. Keystone XL pipeline opponent cites terrorism concerns

Tom Steyer

4. Mercury forms ‘bull’s-eye’ around Alberta oilsands: study

5. Hundreds of scientists to Canada PM: Pipeline report ‘deeply flawed’

Climate change wasn’t mentioned as a factor in the federal review of the Northern Gateway pipeline

6. Canada’s 500,000 Leaky Energy Wells: ‘Threat to Public’

Badly sealed oil and gas wellbores leak emissions barely monitored, experts find.

Wellbore diagram

  7. Lead shot threatens eagles, study says

Eagles in snow

8. Monarch butterfly decline linked to spread of GM crops

Milkweed essential to monarchs in decline because of herbicides used with genetically modified crops

Tyler Flockhart, currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Guelph, led the analysis, which combined all the known data about monarch populations and the factors that influence them.

9. When Food Isn’t Enough: Gut Bugs Affect Malnutrition, Too, Study Finds

Image: A father feeds his child with oral saline at the International Center for Diarrhoeal Disease and Research Bangladesh in Dhaka

10. Health risks of e-cigarettes emerge

Vaping pollutes lungs with toxic chemicals and may even make antibiotic-resistant bacteria harder to kill

1. Pat Sajak calls global warming advocates ‘unpatriotic racists,’ sparks Twitter backlash

Pat Sajak

2. Aviation last major source of toxic lead in US

3. Death in the Amazon: Triple Murder Renews Friction Over Rain-Forest Growth

Tenharim Indians Charged in Killings of Settlers as Brazil Continues Development in Difficult Region

4. Reid stands in way of ‘green’ energy

Floods affect over 1 million in Balkans, destruction

5. Drought could cost Central Valley farms $1.7 billion and 14,500 jobs

Dry fields and bare trees in California's drought-stricken Central Valley.

6. New Mexico says 57 nuke containers could be threat

7. More workers hospitalized with poisoning symptoms in central Vietnam

8. Pressure mounts to save Africa’s Eden from drillers

Would prefer to be left in peace <i>(Image: Andrew Aiken/Rex)</i>

9. Opinion: We’re leaving too many energy dollars behind us, on the ground


10. Germs in the Gut May Affect Autism, Study Finds

11. Olive oil on salad may save your life

Olive oil found to protect the heart against damage from air pollution and lower blood pressure

olive oil poured on salad

12. Minnesota bans anti-bacterial chemical from soaps

Soaps containing the antibacterial chemical triclosan are displayed on a shelf at a Minneapolis pharmacy Monday, May 19, 2014. Gov. Mark Dayton on Friday signed a bill to make Minnesota the first state to ban the use of triclosan in retail consumer cleaning products, starting Jan. 1, 2017. Photo: Jim Mone, AP / AP

1. Oil and Gas: Spills up 18 percent in U.S. in 2013

2. Frogs’ immune systems weakened by chemicals, study finds

3. Toxic Plumes: The Dark Side of Silicon Valley

4. Getting Beyond Just Wheat, Corn and Rice

Some uncommon grains have environmental advantages that could be beneficial in a changing world. But making the uncommon common can be difficult.
Mature millet in field

5. ‘Cancer villages’ alert China to urgent water crisis

6. Treasure Island: The People of Tangier Their Life, Land and Heritage Could Wash Away

7. Trove Of Toxic Mercury Lurks In Arctic Sea Ice

Environment: Ice-core analysis shows more methylmercury will enter Arctic food chain as climate change speeds up ice melt
Photo of researchers sampling ice cores from an Artic sea-ice floe

8. Environment: Scientist Warn of Rising Oceans from Polar Melt

9. Wildfires: Southwest struggles to adapt to year-round fire season

Oklahoma firefighter

10. Safety debate eyes taming Bakken crude before it hits rails

Safety debate eyes taming Bakken crude before it hits rails Photo: SHANNON STAPLETON

11. Feds Reach Settlement Agreement To Recall Buckyballs


12. Children of Smoking Addicts More Likely to Become Heavy Smokers

The study is the first to give an intergenerational view of the impact a parent’s behavior has on children.

A person smokes a cigarette.

13. Woman, Sterile From Mom’s Pregnancy Drug at 25, Gets Mother’s Day Miracle Baby

PHOTO: Judith Helfand and her healthy baby girl Theodora, who arrived in April, 2014.

14. Mine Incident: Two deaths confirmed at Patriot Coal mine in Boone County, WV

Two miners killed in Patriot Coal mine in Boone County, WV

1. Alaska’s ‘ice-quake’ record could shake up climate science.

Columbia icebergs-768

2. Report backs Chinese drywall health complaints

Chinese Drywall

3. Climate Change Mitigation: Assessing Strategies that Offer Potential Human Health Benefits

4. Youth anxiety on the rise amid changing climate

The natural disaster in Calgary last June made one of its victims ‘scared of another flood.’ (John Lehmann/The Globe and Mail)

5. California senate advances bill to curb antibiotics in farm animals

6. Clues to Autistic Behaviors: Exploring the Role of Endocrine Disruptors

7. Family Farmers Hold Keys to Agriculture in a Warming World

Half a billion small-scale farmers are helping pioneer sustainable techniques.

1. A ‘ghost town’ created in the U.S., with a little help from Canadian oil wealth

A 'ghost town' created in the U.S., with a little help from Canadian oil wealth

2. Lost in an acid sea: A fish’s sense of smell

Black fish-768


3. A Wild Idea: Making Our Smartphones Last Longer

4. UN Climate Report Charts Ways to Halt Global Warming

Greenhouse gas emissions need sharp cuts by mid-century to dodge dangerous global warming.

Photo of the Temelin nuclear power plant near Temelin, Czech Republic.

5. A new DOE proposal would cement a big leap in lighting efficiency, but Congress is preventing even bigger savings


1. Cost Among Hurdles Slowing New York City’s Plan to Phase Out Dirty Heating Oil

2. A frightening map of where Kerr-McGee polluted

Associated Press -  FILE - In this May 7, 1953, file photo, Navajo miners work at the Kerr McGee uranium mine at Cove, Ariz., on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Kerr-McGee left abandoned uranium mine sites, including contaminated waste rock piles, in the Lukachukai mountains of Arizona and in the Ambrosia Lake area of New Mexico.

3. Michigan lawmakers don’t want fuel cleanup aid siphoned

Fund to fix leaking buried tanks has been used for other programs

State funds helped clean Bob's Marathon in Grand Ledge. It had three leaks from 1986-2010 near the municipal water source, right.operated on East Saginaw Highway from 1986 to 2010. The gas station was located roughly 800 feet away from the city's municipal water source.During that time, tanks on the site had three reported releases.(Caption)(April 3, 2014) Bob's Marathon, a long-time fixture in Grand Ledge, MI, sits abandoned after the business' storage tanks developed leaks. Marathon signage, and pumps have disappeared, the building is shuttered-up and little remains to tell passers-by who's station it used to be. But the monitor wells are still there, and the tanks remain under the concrete, waiting to be removed. (Dale G. Young / The Detroit News ) .

4. Blast at Liquified Natural Gas Site Casts Spotlight on Industry Safety

5. Other Voices: Earth Institute’s Steven Cohen Seeks a Post-Hysterical Approach to Climate Progress

6. Another Warning for the Northwest From Chile’s Earthquake Hot Zone

People gathered at a stadium in Iquique after a tsunami alert following an 8.2-magnitude earthquake off Chile's northern coast on Tuesday.

7. Showtime Series Aims to Engage Sleepy Public on Global Warming With Celebrity Guides

In the first episode of "Years of Living Dangerously," the actor Don Cheadle talks with Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist, and her husband, Drew Farley, a preacher.

Inflatable Antennae Could Give CubeSats Greater Reach: Design Inflates With Powder That Turns Into GasInflatale Antennae

Novel Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine Goes to Human Clinical Trials

Global Warming Causes Severe Storms
Research Meteorologists See More Severe Storms Ahead: The Culprit — Global Warming

Sea Ice Decline Spurs the Greening of the Arctic


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