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Ronald Valle thrown nearly 30 feet in gas station crash

WALPOLE, Mass. —The gas station attendant struck by an elderly driver and thrown nearly 30 feet said his body is sore, but is okay, the victim said in a phone interview Tuesday

Ronald Valle was undergoing treatment at Norwood Hospital. The Providence man said he was counting money when he saw the car coming toward him.

Watch RAW video of the crash

An elderly driver accelerated when he meant to stop, causing thousands of dollars in damage and hitting Valle at the Rte. 1A Auto Clinic across from Bristol Square around 11 a.m. Monday.

A fire erupted after the man hit the gas pump.

Victim talks about the incident: Watch video

The man driving a Toyota Avalon struck Valle, who was standing near the pump, carrying him and eventually coming to a stop leaving him injured near the side of Rte. 1A.

Valle said the next thing he remembers was being unable to move on the ground.

John Nassar, the owner of the gas station told Wicked Local Walpole he had no plans to file charges against the driver, saying the man was concerned and apologetic after the incident.

“I’m sure he didn’t mean it,” Nassar said. “That’s why it’s called an accident.”