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Upgrading your landscape, patio, or deck doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Here are 15 budget-smart backyard ideas to help you love your yard more

by Kelly Roberson



50 Essential gardening tips and tricks you need to know

50 Essential gardening tips and tricks you need to know

I was just surfing the internet and read some articles I would like to share with those interesting in digging into their soil and bringing some beauty to the season we know as Spring.

Just remember to know where the sun hits and where it doesn’t and plant according to the need of each plant. There are obviously plants that need more sun light than others. There are also plants that although they need to grow outdoors, they don’t need much sunlight at all. Know your plants needs and you will see just how beautiful your garden can be. Happy Planting!

1. 26 Garden Trends for 2015

Bold color makes gazania ‘New Day Rose Stripe’ a great choice for any garden.

'New Day Rose Stripe' Gazania

2. Kitchen Gardening 101: How to Grow Your Own Food

3. Hot Plants for 2015

Every spring plant companies roll out their new plants, flowers and edibles for retailers and the press. Find out what you need to put on your 2015 shopping list.

4. If you have no idea where or how to start your Garden, check out the Happy Dancing Turtle and as they say..Grow Green

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pool garden

Oh, the peace I still find in my garden

I wake in the morning to gaze upon my garden

The peace I’ve always felt still remains

No matter the pain from what ails me

A glance at my garden soothes me

I think of all I’ve done and what still needs to be done

My tosses about plans and ideas

There’s such an excitement that comes with each thought

Sometimes tattered and torn from the harsh cold winter

Sometimes wilting from the heat of the sun

But when all is right and the sun isn’t choking the life out of my flowers

What you see in my garden brings a certain calmness

A peace and serenity that is desired by all

It’s the way I like to both start and end my day

Oh, how I just love the peace found in my garden

Copyright 2014 Oh, the peace I still find in my garden© Felina Silver Robinson

1. Our Year of Extremes: Did Climate Change Just Hit Home?

Image: The village of Ilulissat is seen near the icebergs in Greenland

2. Is there Atrazine in your drinking water?

Is there Atrazine in your drinking water?

3. Fish affected by a legacy of pollution

Andrea Carey dribbles herring eggs onto a piece of plastic mesh held by Jim West to launch an experiment in Port Gamble Bay. The two biologists placed the fertilized eggs into the bay, where growth abnormalities could signal the presence of toxic chemicals.  (MEEGAN M. REID / KITSAP SUN)

4. Newbie Urban Gardeners May Not Be Aware Of Soil’s Dirty Legacy

Graze the Roof is a community-produced garden that grows vegetables on the rooftop of a church in San Francisco.

5. IFED’s $2b Gulf irrigation proposal triggers debate in northern Queensland

6. Trib investigation reveals gaping holes in water oversight


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Each petal of each flower opens their arms waiting

Waiting for the bee to come and take their sweet sap and run

Waiting for the sun to shine to help them grow stronger

Waiting for the water to fall to quench their deep thirst

Waiting for the night to fall so they can rest their petals til the next morn.

My best of memories are when…

There was someone there to listen to the good and bad of the day
There was someone there to heal my wounds
There was someone there to share a meal
There was someone there to laugh at my not so funny jokes
There was someone there to pat my back for a job well done
There was someone there when I lost someone I loved
There was someone there when I didn’t get the part I wanted in the school play

My friends helped me pick out my wedding dress
There was someone to walk me down the isle
My husband said I do
My children were born one by one
My children took their first steps
My children said their first words

I know that my children are happy
I know my family loves me
I get to spend time with the ones I love

I get to go for long walks while listening to my favorite music
I get to garden
I get to put pen to paper

I know the world is a happy place

My best memories are when I know I have much to remember!

Well I woke up quite early this morning. Somewhat happy that there is only another day and a half of school left for my three youngest kids. I was also a little scared with just over two long weeks left before they start camp. What to do with three young girls? Anyway, Once the kids were all settled into school for the day, I then did some paperwork that I’ve been putting off for some time. Then I treated my husband to lunch before heading over to The Home Depot. I had hoped to buy material to build a fence for my garden.

For anyone that knows me, I absolutely love gardening. I’m self taught at everything. I prefer to do things my way and instruction hasn’t proved to be the way for me to learn. I’m not saying I hated school or anything. I just feel that if there is anything I really want to be good at, I have to teach myself. Any way, I’ve always wanted a garden, but have only recently been able to have one thanks to my husband. We moved in to his house in July of 2010 and I couldn’t wait to get started, but it did wait until next summer. Because I had to tackle the inside of the house first. Then there were two other things standing in my way. One giant ugly bush on either side of the house. They just had to go! It’s always been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well to me, any talk of beauty was completely lost on those two bushes. Well my loving husband agreed that it was indeed time for them to go despite the fact that he looked out at them his entire childhood and then his adulthood.

With that handled and absolutely no experience gardening, I was off and running. Home Depot became my next best friend. I can’t really tell you how many trips I made there, but I have my loving husband to thank for being my chauffeur and helpful assistant. He doesn’t have a green thumb but he has just enough patience to put up with me when I’m on a mission.

So I started laying down anything with color that looked good. Then I decided I had to make a walk way. I decided what I wanted and then laid it down. It’s funny what you can do without knowing what you are doing. I hope that makes sense. Many passerby’s made warm and pleasing comments, and I was grateful to be able to give them joy. The winter came and took all the color with it.

So this year I started again. I put in some rose bushes, some Asian dwarf bushes, and more ground cover to keep company with my existing plants. Then, I thought it would stand out more if I lay down some white pebbles in the back part of the garden while mulch covers the front part of the garden.

Back to today. My intent while shopping at The Home Depot was to find some rocks, or wood to use to build some type of a wall. This would hopefully deter the dogs tat seem to love my garden as much as people do, but not for the same reasons. Worse than that, their owners don’t seem to want to stop them from harming my garden. Then argue with me if I ask them to remove their dog. Now, this is not true of every dog owner. There are many respectful dog owners, but there are others that just don’t care.

As I’m sure many of you have experienced, The Home Depot is normally filled with a bunch of wonderful and amazingly smart people, but for some reason today, those that helped were “punching out for the day”, “on a lunch break”, “not my department”, or just plain just didn’t know how to help me. I was soon approached by a familiar face, but just couldn’t remember her name. She was an amazing help to me. Because time ran out after waiting so long for help, I was only able to get material to make signs for the garden to ask pet owners not to allow their pets to use my garden as their public bathroom. I did not leave with the rocks or the wood that I had intended on buying. Viewing the long lines, and school letting out soon for the day, I decided The Home Depot could wait another day.

Well, in the words of Gloria Gaynor “I will survive”!

My Garden Today

A work in progress