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From the markets and out of the gardens come the first sweet offerings of the season. Dig in with these delicious spring recipes.

Healthy Spring Recipes

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Felina’s Peppermint Stick Hot Cocoa©

5 Cups of powdered milk

3/4 cup of cocoa

2 1/4 cups of sugar

4 mini peppermint sticks

2 regular sized peppermint sticks

4 regular or 2 jumbo sized marshmallows

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Mix powdered milk, cocoa and sugar, crush mini peppermint sticks and mix into powder, then store powder in an airtight container.

To prepare for drinking, mix 1/4 cup of mix and add 1 cup of hot water, user more or less according to desired taste. Add marshmallows and/or 2 peppermint sticks if desired.

This makes approximately 22 delicious cups of peppermint stick hot cocoa.

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