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Haverhill Police are searching for the suspect in an armed robbery (Haverhill Police)

Haverhill Police are searching for the suspect in an armed robbery (Haverhill Police)

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Food Shopping: My Top 10 Pet Peeves.

1. I’m a vegetarian and for some reason my local supermarket doesn’t seem to know what fresh vegetables are. Everything is always under ripened, over ripened, moldy or rotten.

2. When the package of 12 has been reduced to 10 and they have increased the price by $.49 to cover the cost of the repackaging for the item.

3. When you are trying to get to an item but the there is a woman with her shopping cart parked in the middle of the aisle while she has stopped to talk on her cell phone, but can’t understand you when you ask her to move it because she seemingly doesn’t know how to speak the same language as you.

4. When your favorite items are no longer available, but has been replaced by something no one seems to want.

5.  When you witness the deli man, eating the product he is supposed to be cutting for you and you have to watch him finish eating before he serves you.

6. When you witness the an employee stocking the shelves with a runny nose which he seems to have no intention of wiping it. You can’t decide if you want to risk saying something or turn the other cheek and get while the getting is good.

7. When you’re shopping in your workout clothes because you just went to the gym and a store employee decides to follow you around because they think your sweatpants are a good place to hide store product and they actually follow you until you cash out.

8. When you are dying for some ice cream and every single container has a severe case of freezer burn.

9. When you pre-order a birthday cake and you get it home and find that it was decorated for someone else’s celebration.

10. When you go to cash out and the Bagger decides to pack all the heavy things on your soft items and you get home and everything is smashed. That’s why I bag all of my own things now. I also bring reusable bags so they don’t charge me $.05 per bag. In fact I save $.05 per bag.

Each of these events are real incidents experienced at my local supermarket.

By Felina Silver Robinson

Friday, 05/09/14

Silver Lake Cookie Company Gourmet Baked Cookies pulled

AVON, Mass. —Costco and a New York-based company are pulling a batch of cookies off shelves nationwide after a local woman says she found larvae inside her box of Christmas cookies.

Irina Cheremetieva, of Stoughton, told NewCenter 5 she found dozens of worm-like insects crawling inside her box of Silver Lake Cookie Company Gourmet Baked Cookies. She had eaten some before discovering the yellowish larvae.

Her family told NewsCenter 5’s Liam Martin that she’ll be getting blood work done in the coming days as a precaution.

She bought the cookies this week at the Costco store in Avon.

The pest, according to Silver Lake, is Indianmeal Moth larvae. They can infest stored foods, but won’t necessarily make you sick, if you have the misfortune of eating them.

The reaction of shoppers at the Avon store said it all.

“I think that’s pretty disgusting,” said one shopper.

“We buy a ton of stuff here; we’ve never had a problem,” said another. “It always seems like it’s very fresh. And I’m kind of surprised.”

This is the second incident reported with the cookies.

Costco told NewsCenter 5 it has pulled that entire batch of cookies off the shelves nationwide, writing in a statement, “We feel the same way as any other consumer would feel. It’s a bad situation, and we don’t like this at all. Cosco’s responsibility is to buy the best product we can. We can’t inspect every package that comes in.”

Silver Lake Cookies, based out of New York, also released a statement, saying it’s investigating how this happened.

“We stand up for our product and have been in business for a long time,” the company said. “We want to make things right for the consumer.”

While both Costco and Silver Lake are pulling that batch, there is no official recall of the product listed on the websites for Costco or the Food and Drug Administration. NewsCenter 5 only learned about the story through Cheremetieva herself.

It’s one thing to like something, but it’s something else to try to take name brand products from another store and sell them as if they belonged to you. No wonder why Trader Joe’s is suing Pirate Joe’s. Follow the story here