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How Much I Feel©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

It dawns on me

That maybe I wasn’t sure I knew about feelings

Where they really come from

How they work

And whether we all really have them

I know that when someone says something I don’t like

It hurts

I know that when someone starts harassing me

I stop listening and walk away

But once I stop I ask myself

Why did I let him get away with hurting me?

I realize I’ve done nothing to call for the behavior

But somehow

I don’t really feel like doing anything about it

I’m passive at the moment

And feel powerless to change it

I know that when someone tells me that they love me

It brightens up my day

In fact I know it makes my heart beat at little faster

But in a good way

It gives me the power to go about my day

I know that when I feel love

I know love

And if I know love

I can share love

I know that love is the one thing

We all deserve to know and to feel

I know my heart is ready and willing

This is truly How Much I Feel©

Here’s to hoping that my heart will find what it’s looking for

The light of my life©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The light of m life

is you

each time you smile

each time you laugh

when I hear you giggle

when you cry and you let me comfort you

when you hold my hand when you need comfort

when you snuggle beside me for warmth

when you blink those big brown eyes when you want something

when you need help because you don’t have answers

when you want to share news about your day

when you’re angry and don’t know what to say

when you want to sit and watch old movies

when you want to listen to music with me

when you want to play games

when you come to me because its just me you want to see

You are the light of my life … just because you love me

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

Loneliness may want you, but it is not your friend
Don’t fall victim to its desires

Loneliness only brings
It’s self-defeating
It’s self loathing

It’s sitting at a party in a corner by yourself
It’s spending every night alone with the TV instead of being out and about

Pick yourself up
Give yourself a makeover
If you look the best you can, you feel the best you can
If you feel good about yourself, others will feel good about you
You’ll become a friend magnet
Don’t be overwhelming, that’s an instant turn off
Find your just right button, you’ll be amazed at how it works
Act natural and be yourself, being phony is a true turn off

You may not believe this, but I grew up shy and sometimes lonely
One day I realized it wasn’t any fun and I was missing out on a lot
I woke up the next day with a different attitude, just deciding not to be lonely
I spent every day after with someone, doing something, and having fun
All the while remembering that loneliness is not my friend.


Each Day You Bring Me©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson


Without all these things I would be nothing so I thank you for helping me be something,
Striving for something
Living for something
Wanting for something

that something is LIFE.

happpy bliss

Happiness and Bliss©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

Time slips through my fingers as easily as sand

My thoughts wander through my head like a newborn crawling across the living room floor

But one thing I know is that I would do anything for you

and you would do anything for me

Our devotion to one another is deeper than the Black Hole

We are forever pleasing

Forever knowing what the other needs or desires

There’s no chance of deception for our minds are as one

We complete each other

Each day we motivate and inspire each other to always follow our dreams

And each day starts and ends with a smile and a kiss

Showing one another our happy bliss

Apple buys AI company that can read your emotions

emotient face recognition

Oh The Way She Makes Me Feel©

Copyright 2014©

Felina Silver Robinson

Curves that just don’t quit

Toes that curl at his touch

Fingers that knock the tension out of any muscle

Hands that sooth every ache in any head

There’s not a ripple in any ocean that can me feel the way she makes me feel

When she speaks I’m completely mesmerized

By each word that roles of her tongue

I can no longer concentrate on anything else

She has the cutest little laugh when she’s nervous

Whenever I bring my friends around

There’s a shyness about her

That intrigues all who meet her

But I have to remind them all that she’s my girl

And there are some things I’m just not willing to share

I feel so lucky to have her to comfort me and the end of each day

Oh The Way She Makes Me Feel

Don’t you wish you hand some one like her to start and end your night

Enjoy Listening to Michael Jacksons Song before you leave

Michael Jackson – The Way You Make Me Feel

I’m Torn©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson





I’m Torn





I’m Torn





I’m Torn





I’m Torn

Make a choice

Pick a side


Give up




I’m Torn

Then just say good-bye

In the Corner of My Room©

In the corner of my room

I sit here almost forgotten

Wrapped in my white sheets

Rocking to and fro

Tears streaming

Quickly down my swollen cheeks

Tears attached to memories

Long forgotten here

At least by all the others

But certainly

Not by me

No one else shows their feelings

No one else even cares

Have they been replaced by robots

They seem most insincere

I’m rattled by their ignorance

I’m rattled by my fear

I just know what direction

To take when I leave from here

Will they even let me go

Or will I be a prisoner

Kept here forever

In the corner of my room

There’s no one left to talk to

There’s nothing left to do

I fear I lose my mind

If you leave me here in this room

Won’t you please just save me

Copyright 2014

In the Corner of My Room©

Felina Silver Robinson

The Anger Wrapped Around My Heart©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Regret is far from the tongue

Of the man with anger buried in his soul

His anger finds its way into my heart

For all the moments he stole from me

My happiness slowly slips away

Like water in a leaky faucet

As much as I try to let go of the anger

His grip is tighter than my will is strong

I long for a moment of happiness free from his hold

I pray for the strength to fight for what I need

I vow to slowly chip away at the

Anger wrapped around my heart

Set forth by the man with it buried in his soul

If willing desire and determination can conquer all evil