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Attends show, barbecue with family

Daddy’s Little Girl

I remember your

first cry

first words

first steps

Which is why I don’t understand

the reason you no longer

have time for me

care for me

honor me

love me


I shed many a tear

because you were not near

On the one day I needed you

I wanted you

to listen for a moment

of just where I think we both went wrong

We both needed time

We both needed patience

We both needed understanding

The love a father has for his child

is like no other

Don’t stand in his way

He’ll never back down from a battle

Especially not when and if it is his own

Lovely daughter looking back at him

He takes no mercy

He gives no excuses,

That’s because 

He’s the man who helped create

The real beauty that you are

You’ll always be Daddy’s little girl

Wont you stop by and talk for a while

Even fathers deserve second chances

Copyright 2014 Daddy’s Little Girl© Felina Silver Robinson





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Father’s Day, a day like no other. Last night I dropped off cards to my dad since I would be celebrating with my husband and our kids. My dad planned to work through Father’s Day as that is what makes him the happiest. I invited him to stop by for a barbecue lunch, he assured me that he would most likely be too busy because he had much work to do. I left the offer open.

Father’s Day morning, I went to Dunkin Donuts to pick up the breakfast requested by my husband as well as breakfast for everyone else. Today, there would be no chores for my husband outside of cleaning off the grill, and starting it up.

With 7 Children home to honor a dad the day was amazing. Our 29 year old cooked the burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob and the Spanish rice. Everyone else supplied the laughter and smiles. The day included beautiful heart warming cards filled with love. Chewie the adorable little chitzu and the three Jealous family cats brought some amusement to the occasion. Everyone chipped in to clean up when all the fun was over. Many hugs and kisses were shared as the three oldest went on their way.

I hope that no matter what you were doing or where you were doing it, you found time to honor the father that helped you throughout the best and the worst days of your life. The father that loves you without condition. Even just a little thanks goes a long way.

Happy Father’s Day Father!