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Oh, baby! Growing celebrity families

Reality stars Ben Seewald and Jessa (Duggar) Seewald welcomed their first child, a boy, on Thursday, November 5. The couple shared <a href="" target="_blank">the baby's first photo with People. </a>

On May 22, 1964, the Bellflower Street Conflagration ultimately destroyed or damaged 35 multifamily dwellings in Dorchester

Life has continued to bring me a mix of good and bad. The good is a loving family who is healthy for the most part. The bad is hearing of loved ones lost.

Last night one of the worst things that could have ever happened to me happened. While checking on Facebook updates last night an old high school friend sent me a message saying that we needed to talk. I messaged her with my phone numbers and waited to hear back from her. I got off from Facebook and returned to spending time with my family. My husband was fast asleep as was the rest of the house when I returned to Facebook to see if my friend had sent any further information, she had not. So I started reading the status feeds. To my horror, I came across a message from my friend saying good-bye to our mutual friend who I had wished a happy birthday to after receiving a Facebook Alert for her birthday. I immediately broke out into hysterical tears at even just the idea of our friend being gone. I started to search the internet for her obituary. To my extreme horror I came across an article outlining the story of her murder. I was enraged! Angry because I was so happy to have talked to Tanya again after so many years of falling out of touch after my 30th birthday party. There was a small group of us that were close friends as we had all taken dance class together at Brookline High School. We remained in contact with one another through the years with some spots here and there.  I had planned to come see Tanya back on November 1st, but there was some shooting that happened around her area and we decided to wait until things cooled down a little bit before taking our kids for a visit. We spoke a few more times before the holiday and to my disappointment fell out of touch, which is why I had no idea that she had passed. The most troubling for me is that we had spoken of the man accused of killing her.  She left out some details in that she had taken this young man in off the street, which is something I had done. Tanya and I were a lot alike as was our other friends in the group. That’s what brought us together. We all connected on many levels. As I write this message, my stomach is turning with such anger and resentment for the man (John Devine of Marblehead) that took the life of my friend. I will be forever be left with the words from our last conversations where she spoke so lovingly of the man who beat her to death. My heart truly goes out to Tanya’s sister (Sabrina Joyce). I remember that Tanya’s parents (Leon and Doris (Mallouf) Nichols) had both already passed on. I’m only glad that they did not have seen or hear of their daughters torment and murder. Now at least they are reunited. Today’s lesson, don’t let time erase your memories nor the bonds of your friendships. Stay close to those who hold meaning in your life always letting them know that they matter. Once they are gone, it’s too late!

All is will be well in just another day in the life of ME!© By Felina Silver Robinson

My ThrowBack©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Felina going down the slide

My ThrowBack

Makes me want to go back to a time more carefree

If only I could harvest how it use to be

Just the moments most meaningful to me

Would make me as happy as I was meant to be

Without it

I’ll always desire it

With it

I’ll always treasure it

Years back

All those I loved surrounded me

Today, many of them are gone

Each day I cry for what I’ve lost

Each day I learn to live in the moment

Without losing site of the past

Holding on to my tomorrows

Dreaming of my yesterdays

Hoping not to lose anyone else I love

I will have to make do with

My ThrowBacks in my dreams

So as not to lose what I still have

One day I know that all that has been lost

Will be found when we have all come full circle

And end up under the same sky-high dome

Until we meet again…

I will continue to make memories


Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


The inside of a mind is quite fragile

When broken one can only become


One can’t hear nor do they even try to listen

Anger gets in the way

Often ones only desire becomes revenge

Which means infliction of pain towards anyone in their way

Love hurts

Life hurts

Hearts sometime heal

Sometimes hearts don’t if the mind can’t/won’t allow it

Don’t get swept up in the art of self-destruction

The road is a lonely one, which often has no return

Bittersweet Love Affair©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Bittersweet my is my love

For the man I pine away for

My lonely days and my lonely nights

Are filled with thoughts of grandeur

I’ve held my own for so long

That time no longer has a meaning

The colour of day blends into the colour of night

The sounds I hear ripple painfully through my

Aching bones

I won’t despair

Because I only care

For the moment that I know that you are nearing

My body awakens

At the idea of your presence

I’m suddenly alive and impatiently waiting

As I hear your footsteps slowly approaching

I can barely contain my excitement

You arrive

To stand by my side

And suddenly my world

Is on fire

There’s no longer a reason

For a bittersweet love affair

Forever his, Forever hers©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


There once was a boy who told me I was beautiful

My best friend was jealous and she said he would soon break my heart

Every time he came around

He didn’t want to leave me

Somehow she would always sit in between us

But he didn’t seem to care as long as our eyes could meet

We’d hold hands behind her back

We would cross our legs so our feet could meet

She finally decided she could no longer be bothered she walked away

Giving him a chance to hold me close

Almost inseparable

We parted for night was suddenly upon us

We carried on for 6 months

Till we decided we had to be together forever

She said it wouldn’t last

But we knew she just couldn’t be happy

For her heart had been broken more than a time or two

So before we could marry

We promised we’d find her, her own beloved

Someone who hold onto to her heart forever

So we took the time wandering both near and far

Till will came across the perfect man

To both our chagrin he seemed to appear much like my very own dear

So 6 months later a warm June day

We two couples stood amid the willows

Joined by the Minister who gladly wed us

We all walked off together into the sunset

Never to be seen by sadness again.

The Image©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Not Prim

But maybe proper

Straight laced

Wouldn’t be my place

I can say however

That you won’t catch me swearing

Because they (the people) would all be glaring

And everyone, who’s anyone, anywhere

Would know about it

So this also means that

I would never take what wasn’t mine

I’d never disagree with the majority


When my family has a fight

It’s done on paper and not with words

So no one will overhears something they would be willing to share

With the entire neighborhood

I certainly don’t want to

Stand out like a sore thumb

So everyone who is anyone

Could stand glaring


My family would be labeled as trash


Banned from all things social

So when I walk out the door

I make sure everything is in place

Just so I can fit into this place

And have a trace of a happy life

The Image is clear

Or I wouldn’t be here

Hard at work


Trying to fit in

Will You Save Me?©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


on the cliff

There are steps that I must take through this dark and empty place.

I wish you wouldn’t follow.

For I’m not sure if I’ll see tomorrow.

But maybe if you can reach me before it’s too late,

I won’t have to take the journey that might call for my end.

Would you take the time to save a friend?


Would you let them go so you’re off the hook and would no longer have to bother?

This all feels so wrong.

But no one has given me any other choice.

The walls are crumbling down around me.

The pressure is overwhelming.

I turned to you, but you’re not really there.

I’m hoping and praying, you’ll make the time, this time

Dear Readers:

This poem is offered in light of a recent story about a young man taking his life

when he felt he had no one to turn to, and when he did turn to someone, they didn’t try to stop him.

I beg of anyone out there, please help that is crying out for help.

Don’t urge them to take their own life. They are crying out because they want to be saved.

No matter how bad things are, there is always something better ahead even if you can’t see it at the time.

The Seed©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


With one thought and one caretaker

I can make changes that will make a difference

With one Idea and willing hands

We can build a better tomorrow

There are things that I’ve seen

There are things that I’ve heard

That I don’t want to witness again

It takes people who care and people who are willing

To give all that they are and all that they have

To ensure everyone’s happiness so that we can all

Live a fruitful life

Who Am I?

I am the seed of promise and hope

The seed that was planted in the deepest soil on this earth

I am nurtured by all who fight for a chance

A chance to plant their seed to help feed this hungry earth

Take care of me

And nurture me

For your rewards will be bountiful