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1. Future Force

2. Dogs of Hell (1982)

3. Frozen Terror (1980)

4. Omen II: The Final Conflict

5. The Chair (1988)


1. The Devil’s Daughter (1973)

2. The People (1972)

3. Mind Over Murder (1979)

4. Death Dreams (TV 1991)

5. The People Across the Lake (1988)


1. War of the Robots (1978)

2. Cosmos: War of the Plants (1977)

3. The UFO Incident

1. Splash (1984), Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, Eugene Levy, John Candy, Shecky Greene, Dody Goodman

2. Mermaids (1990), Cher, Bob Hoskins, Winona Ryder

3. Heathers (1989), Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, Shannen Doherty

This Morning’s Double Feature are as different as night and day, but the two still deal with one thing and that is what the un-living has the power to do!

1. Dracula Reborn

2. Final Destination

1. Where The Lilies Bloom

2. James at 15 aka James at 16 – Pilot

3. The Power of One

4. Kirsten Dunst ‘The Devil’s Arithmetic’

5. Sarah T Portrait Of A Teenage Alcoholic

6. Return to Mayberry

7. Lightening Jack (1994)

8. Hamburger: The Motion Picture (1986)

9. A Midnight Clear

10. Summer With My German Soldier

1. Dark Angel (1990)

2. The Comfort Of Strangers (1990)

3. Far Out Man (1990)

4. Stone Cold

5. The Trial (1993)

6. Point of Impact (1993)

Rebecca (1940)

Published on Aug 9, 2012 Nynaeve51

When a naive young woman marries a rich widower and settles in his gigantic mansion, she finds the memory of the first wife maintaining a grip on her husband and the servants.


Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders |See full cast and crew

Reviewed by Felina Silver Robinson:

Harsh while soft, gentle, warm, loving and endearing all at the same time. You start of angry, but warm up to the sternness of Mr. De Winters characters who softens only because of his love for the new Mrs. De Winters. Their love grows to be just as strong as that of his for the first Mrs. De Winters. who says that you can only find true love once in a lifetime?

1. Saturday Night Live – Season 1

2. The Streets of San Francisco – Season 1

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9. The Disappearance of Flight 412 (1974)

10. The Flip Wilson Show