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6. Light Of Day (1987)

“Mission Impossible” star performs The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My face” and the Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”

At the age of 15 I saw this movie in the Cleveland Circle Cinema in Brookline.  With a rating of (R) it certainly wasn’t something I should have watched at that age. This movie is about Billy Hayes story of his experience of being arrested while on a trip in Istanbul, Turkey. He is arrested for carrying drugs and tries to escape.  He ends up having to spend 30-years in a Turkish prison. Life is worse than you could ever imagine. American prisoners are treated horribly (starved and beaten). The movie did not depict Turkish people in their true light. In the end Brad Davis who plays Billy Hayes ends up killing a guard who tries to sexually assault him. In fighting to free himself from the assault, the guard falls backwards hitting his head on a coat hook and dies. Brad Davis takes his uniform and walks right out of the prison to freedom.  He gets to Greece and a few weeks later ends up back with his family.  If you are a sensitive to brutality, this movie is not for you. There where a lot of scenes that were a little hard to watch. But it was a good story. My only wish was to see the Turkish people the way they truly were and not shown in a way that may have made it better for the purposes of the film itself.  I give the movie 3 1/2 stars.  The soundtrack was amazing!  Felina Silver Robinson


Brad Davis as Billy Hayes

Irene Miracle as Susan

Bo Hopkins as “Tex”

Paolo Bonacelli as Rifki

Paul L. Smith as Hamidou

Randy Quaid as Jimmy Booth

Norbert Weisser as Erich

John Hurt as Max

Kevork Malikyan as the Prosecutor

Yashaw Adem as the Airport police chief

Mike Kellin as Mr. Hayes

Franco Diogene as Yesil

Michael Ensign as Stanley Daniels

Gigi Ballista as the Judge

Peter Jeffrey as Ahmet

Michael Yannatos as Court translator