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Smoking kills

08/04/2013 — Leave a comment

I don’t smoke, please don’t make me sick!

When you take a walk
When you’re driving your car
When you’re waiting for a bus
When you’re sitting in your living room
When you’re waiting in line at a Resteraunt
You can’t stop yourself from smelling a smokers smoke

You control she it goes in your body
You can control where and what it attacks
You can pray that it doesn’t affect you
But the reality is, smoking and being a secondhand smoker is like
Playing Russian Roulette

I don’t want cancer,
I don’t want emphysema,
I don’t want a voice box
I don’t want my life span shortened

I want to breath smoke free air
I want to live to see every tomorrow
I want to have a choice in what I do
I want smoking to end!

Click here for some CDC statistics on who is smoking

Click here for an update on cardiovascular disease in smokers from the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association

Click to access ucm_319590.pdf