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My stomach has hurt for days and I’ve come to realize that I’m upset about the amount of injustice in the world.  Most prevalent in my mind is George Zimmerman’s ability to ride around frees still with gun in hand.  Even when he’s stopped by police for speeding, he’s proud to let the officer know that he has a gun.  He’s only told to put it in his glove compartment and is given a warning for his speeding.  Zimmerman is seemingly disappointed when the officer doesn’t recognize him from TV. For more on this story click here:

It bothers me that Edwin Alemany’s new lawyer, Geoffrey Nathan, is so concerned about the “deplorable” conditions that his client is enduring while imprisoned. I would think that he would be more focused on defending his client.  Accommodations are the same for all those in prison. There are no special privileges for prisoners.  They all receive the same treatment. Cells are just hot due to poor ventilation because they can’t allow for a lot of windows.  They are in prison after all.  The prison has to worry about the safety of the prisoners as well as any visitors and the staff. I feel that Nathan’s guilt should be placed elsewhere.  If it were me, I would be more concerned about the families and victims that his client has forever changed the lives of.  Amy Lord wasn’t even Alemany’s first victim that week.  On Tuesday, July 23rd and Wednesday July 24th Alemany assaulted two young woman in South Boston, stabbing one and physically assaulting the other.  Fortunately, both woman escaped with their lives. Alemany then killed Amy Lord on Friday, July 26th, but not before making her withdraw money from various ATM machines. When he had everything he needed from her, he then assaulted her and dispose of her body. Someone that cold-hearted and has a wrap sheet with a listing of 30 crimes, doesn’t get much sympathy from me.

I’ve had more violence than I can stomach for a while!