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Campbell apologizes for running over ducks

Nashua, N.H. — Calls to police about a state representative running over several ducks outside a Nashua hotel have been released.

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Rep. David Campbell, D-Nashua, has apologized for killing the ducks, paid a fine and made a donation to the Audubon Society.

Nashua police released two audio files related to the December incident at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. In the first call, a hotel employee describes the driver as drunk.

“If you could send us an officer by, we’ve had a — well, there’s a gentleman who’s drunk,” the caller said. “He ran over four or five ducks right in the parking lot, and we might have an altercation between him and another guest who will not let this issue go.”

Campbell left the scene before police arrived and later said he was trying to defuse the confrontation with the guest.

Later, Campbell’s attorney, Nashua Police Commissioner Tom Pappas, contacted police and said he heard they were looking for Campbell.

Pappas arrangemed for Campbell to wait to speak with investigators in the morning.

“He’s a friend of mine,” Pappas said to police during a phone call. “He’s at a friend’s house. His phone died. I can, uh, is it OK if I have him come to the station tomorrow morning?”

Police said that was fine because the officer that was working the case was already gone for the day.

The Attorney General’s Office said it will examine the recordings to see if any further investigation is warranted.