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Drought conditions hurting berry crop


Gov. Jay Inslee says his heart breaks over the loss of life

1. Environmental Good News Stories By Dr. Norman D Yan

2. Phragmites: A fluffy path to global rule.

3. Playing God: With so many creatures under threat of extinction, and so

little money to fund conservation efforts, some say it’s time to pick who

will survive.

Devil in the detail: Zoos Victoria CEO Jenny Gray watches as keeper Monika Zabinskas holds Milana, a one-year-old - and healthy - Tasmanian devil.

4. Fracking hearing Friday could draw big crowd


5. State backs off plans to test for WNC natural gas potential

Green groups say fracking still threat to region

6. Water testing cannot explain dirty well water for Susquehanna County woman

Gerri Kane holds a magnet to a jar of unfiltered well water to show how suspended particles react. Kane, of Auburn Township in Susquehanna County, believes hydraulic fracturing and natural gas production near her home has contaminated her water supply.

7. Neighbors: Report shows threat Pascagoula residents face from nearby industry

8. China may be ready to kick coal habit

A coal-fired power station at Yangzhou in China's central Jiangsu province Image: Vmenkov via Wikimedia Commons

9. Canada’s oil sands: The steam from below

New technologies are being used to extract bitumen from oil sands

10. Freeing the Arteries of the Planet

11. Wildfires threaten Yosemite, other western communities

12. ‘Haboob’ in Coachella Valley highlights dust trend

photo 1.jpeg

13. Is this the end of the ‘war on trees’? UN members pledge to restore woodland

and safeguard rainforests


14. More than 40 percent of Pittsburgh residents in danger zone for crude oil train derailment.

15. Iowa’s pipeline safety record spotty


16. Valley’s summer without water: ‘How can they let this happen?’

17. They were the last word in glamour, but has the sun set on LA’s swimming pools?

As the state tackles a three-year water crisis, artists and academics
condemn ‘backyard oases’ as selfish and wasteful
Dustin Hoffman in the pool in The Graduate

18. Brazil drought crisis leads to rationing and tensions

Water rationed in 19 cities in southeast and central regions after usually
abundant supplies run dry
Cracked ground Jaguari dam Braziil

19. Sarawak rivers drying up

20. See the world’s biggest island, now

Changing times: icebergs near Ilulissa.

21. Deadly Cocktail: Investigation finds people exposed to toxic chemicals after

Petrotrin leak on Eid holiday

22. Pesticide drift from conventional farms is a persistent problem for organic and

small farms


23. Just 13, And Working Risky 12-Hour Shifts In The Tobacco Fields

24. Lavender farmers rebel against EU chemical rules

In this picture taken Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014, a poster in a field of lavender reads "Lavender is not a chemical produce; No to the REACH rules" in Sederon, near Carpentras, southern France. The sweet smell of lavender is tinged with bitterness this year in the south of France, as farmers who harvest the flower protest European regulations linking the plant to chemical toxins. Photo: Claude Paris, AP / AP

25. Britain’s nuclear clean-up bill to soar by billions ‘because of Government incompetence’

26. Water Shortages Lead To ‘Tanker Mafia’ In India

India Water Mafia

27. Difference engine: Where gadgets go to die

A growing mountain of electronic waste needs to be disposed of responsibly

by rich nations rather than shipped to poorer countries to do the dirty work

28. See the world’s biggest island, now

Changing times: icebergs near Ilulissa.

1. Summer flounder stirs north-south climate change battle.

flounder group

2. Obama climate rule promises early health benefits

3. Kids’ clothes contained chemicals

The Norwegian Consumer Council found every third item of children's clothing tested from popular Scandinavian clothing brands contained endocrine-disrupting chemicals. The chain stores said the levels returned were below what's deemed acceptable, but the council argued even a small amount of the substances could be very harmful. PHOTO:  Forbrukerrådet

4. Take Care in the Kitchen: Avoiding Cooking-Related Pollutants

Frying pan over a gas burner

5. A Chic Idea for China’s Green-Minded Set

A garment factory in Jiujiang in central China's Jiangxi Province.

6. Do mobile phones cause brain tumours

Neil Whitfield whith his wife Caroline and his sons Harry (2nd lt) and William

7. Pumping the polluted water from mines

Wheal Maid

8. Drought Drives Drilling Frenzy for Groundwater in California


9. A huge majority of Americans support regulating carbon from power plants. And they’re even willing to pay for it

10. Gas boom dulls carbon rule’s effect

EPA rules

1. Study: Species disappearing far faster than before

2. Bill to require research into menstrual product additives is introduced after global Menstrual Hygiene Day

3. Solvents May Raise Breast Cancer Risk For Some, Study Finds

4. Emission tests ‘substantially underestimate’ pollution pumped out by diesels

The amount of pollution generated by diesel cars on congested roads may be much higher than previously thought.

Diesels may actually be emitting three times the pollution allowed under current emissions tests

5. Contamination monitored with bird blood

Map shows the level of PCBs at each study site. Image: USGS.

6. Great Read Drought Yields Only Desperation

Almond field

7. Brazil’s drought creates a surge in global coffee prices

8. A sign of a coal comeback in New York

9. New Delhi Locals Cry Foul Against Incinerator’s Exhaust

10. Pollution levels mar Lebanon’s rivers

The Litani river is seen from the Western Bekaa village of Saghbin, Saturday, March 2, 2013. (The Daily Star/Hasan Shaaban)