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Driving Under The Influence©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


One Too Many Times

I stood waiting

While you sat and took a sip

I sat praying

When you didn’t make it home

I believed strongly

That this was the last time

You would leave me waiting, praying and believing

You would change

Now I lay crippled in my bed

Full of anger, rage and resentment

That you chose that last sip

Instead of heading home

I set out to find you

Which was my mistake

There you sat behind the wheel

Staring me down

Determined not to stand down

Instead I quickly fell to the ground

When your foot slipped on the brake

And your car headed right for me

In a state of shock

Firmly I stood

As my life passed right before me

The crowd only appeared

Once I laid there

Bleeding from head to toe

You were to wasted to know

You were to blame

As the police quickly removed you

In handcuffs

Weeks later

In front of the Judge

You stood begging for my forgiveness

I couldn’t bear to look your way

All I could hope for is they lock you up

And throw away the key

I know I’m your mother

But you stole from me my freedom

Now I too am in prison

My prison is a chair on wheels for the rest of my days

Whatever the court decides of your demise

I will always love you

But things will surely never be the same

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