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There’s Always Hope©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

Devour and conquer your fears, realize your dreams, maintain hope for tomorrow

katavrochthísei kai symfo̱nó̱ fóvous sas, pragmatopoií̱sete ta óneirá sas, na diati̱rí̱sei ti̱n elpída gia to áv̱rio

dévorer et conclure vos peurs, réaliser vos rêves, d’entretenir l’espoir pour demain

devorar y concurrir a sus miedos, realizar sus sueños, mantener la esperanza del mañana

Tūn chī tóngyì nǐ de kǒngjù, shíxiàn nǐ de mèngxiǎng, bǎochí xīwàng de míngtiān

What Your Dreams Are Trying To Tell You

What your dreams are really trying to tell you.

Author: 15 common dreams and what they mean

World Peace

world peace

The end of poverty


The end of homelessness

The end of racism


The end of death and dying

The end of un-involved parents

The end of violence


The end discrimination

m and m colors

True equal rights for all

native american equal rights people equal rights

These are all the things I wish for

by Felina Silver Robinson

October 28, 2013


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I am so interested in dreams. I’m always curious about what makes us have certain dreams over other kinds of dreams. I wish their were a lot more current studies on dreams. Many of them are older. I’m sharing four different articles that I found of interest, hope you enjoy.

1) 10 Common Dreams And Why We Have Them

2) What is a dream? How is the word “dream” defined?

3) How to Lucid Dream

4) Could ‘sleep workouts’ make you run faster? Just DREAMING about training can make you perform better, experts say

The 20 big questions in science

My recurring dream

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Each night I lay down my head hoping for change
In the few real moments that I sleep
I dream
I dream of peace
I dream of change
I dream of wealth for all
I dream that there is no famine or disease
I dream that the world is fair and treats all equal
I dream that there is no ignorance or prejudice
I dream of good will toward all

When I wake I feel cheated because I know that
Peace is hard to find in a world that likes to fight
Change is ever evolving but people are always fighting it
Wealth finds those that don’t really want to share it
Famine and disease will never leave
The world is fair to those that know how to fight for it
People are treated equal when even more fighting is done
Ignorance and prejudice is still very much alive in many

There are many that have the same recurring dream and they too
Hope for change
Don’t give up hope
Keep up the good fight
Dreams can become a reality if they become the dream of plenty


My nocturnal hours

Always awake,
Wishing for sleep,
Even though I fear it,
Dreams and nightmares taunting me in the brief moments I do sleep,
Admiring all those who can sleep,
I listen to the sounds the house brings,
I rise from rest to start the day since I know I won’t get my way to sleep deep and peacefully,
For now I say goodbye to my nocturnal hours as I give up trying to sleep and start the day,
See you a little later my dear nocturnal friend.