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1. Misty Copeland – I Will What I Want

2. African American Oscar Winners

3. Bessie Coleman –First Female African American Pilot

4. Bro. Abraham Bolden – First African American Secret Service Agent

5. Madame CJ Walker – First African American Female Self Made Millionaire

6. African Presence in Ancient America before Columbus

7. Biddy Mason, Los Angeles First African American Millionaire

8. Jackie Robinson – The First African American Baseball Player In The MLB

9. Clifton “sweetwater” Nathaniel – First African American

10. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah – Donald Trump: America’s African President



When I was young

There were many things I wanted to master

Some I knew would be easy

Others I knew I could fail at

I was determined to find a way

That I could float on air

First i decided to run

And that I did

I would run like the wind

So fast that it never felt like

My feet never touched the ground

The exhilarating arrival at each finish line

Was like the first bite out of my moms sweet apple pie

Time passed and the run was no longer fun

So it was time to dedicate my time to being solely on my toes

For years I

Stood in

First position

Second position

Third position

Fourth position


Fifth position

Then the words






Temps levé

Sissonne fermeé

Sissonne ouvert


Sissonne emboité

Were all I could think about

Til one day with my brother

Practicing martial arts

I broke my ankle and that

Was the end to my floating on air

So I picked up a pen

I put it paper and started to write

A poem each day

And found my home

Floating On Air© 2015

by Felina Silver Robinson


My personal favorite is number 2 on the list Mikhail Baryshnikov.  Is your favorite on the list?

Please enjoy this Ballerina Project Video. It’s quite nice.

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