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by Felina Silver Robinson

Today I woke to the darkness of the morning after a restless night of tossing and turning yet again.

It was still silent about the house as if the midnight hour was still upon us.

At 6am It was necessary to wash sheets and blankets while others were still sleeping comfy in their beds

It was time to set up the coffee for the man of the house so he could prepare to take our son off to work.

In his absence I swept the house as the cats chased me all about as if catnip was the reward for the one who catches me.

After which a nice warm shower was calling my name. I gladly answered the call and enjoyed every drop of warmer than warm water against my skin.

I captured fifteen minutes of the news of the day and as always found what I heard to be disappointing.

Violence and ignorance ring through. But one good deed from ‘Bob’ Grownkowski as her delivers a much-needed sofa to a single mom lights up the room.

I decide it’s time for some exercise and head straight for the living room for a visit with my WiiFit.

So today I decide to spend 30 minutes on a step stepping exercise while listening to Bob Kingsley’s Top 40 Countdown on WKLB taking 2776 steps in 30 minutes and burning 166 calories, followed by an array of other exercises totaling 344 calories burned in the span of 43 minutes. Telling myself that I know I could burn more faster if I would just go running, but that’s just not going to happen.

With exercise behind me I could eat my breakfast but with each bite I found myself wondering if me and my Wii fit need to meet up again once I finish. I think better of it and relax a bit

to watch the last episode of Top Chef.which amazes me. The contestants working together with a family member some with little to no experience and others with a wealth of experience. Amazingly, they all pull off something quite delicious and a surprised to even most of them. One faltered slightly and the sibling performs better than he, but all works out in the end as no one had to go home. I relax checking notifications on Facebook only to find a comment to my disliking in response to a posting from CBS News on a Maryland Couple practicing “Free-Range Parenting” that are under investigation for neglect. I get a couple of not so agreeable replies to my comment and I could care a less. I state my feelings and move on.

I decide more cleaning is in store so I run through the house making beds, clearing the table, washing dishes and doing laundry until I find myself here talking to you about my day.

It’s now to move on to other things to do. Blogging, blogging and blogging.  Stay tuned for more…