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Police say man targeted more than one woman

Gonsalves will be arraigned Wednesday

Today, I read three different articles involving three separate teachers who have committed separate sexual acts upon children. Find articles below:

1. Teacher arrested at school on sex assault charges

2. Prep school teacher charged with ‘upskirting’ photos

3. Oxford High School gym teacher charged with rape

What is the world coming to when some of the people teaching our children decide that it’s more important to fulfill their depraved sexual fantasies?  It’s sad to say, but I’m almost positive that there is more going on than we hear about. Children are most likely too afraid to come forth out of fear and/or embarrassment. It’s not fair that good, hardworking teachers that have truly dedicated themselves to teaching our children have to deal with the ongoing aftermath of incidents involving a particular group of teachers. How are we to know who is really good and who is bad? Upskirting, Rape and Sexual Assault are not things we want to hear associated with anyone teaching our children.

Our children are somewhat ready to understand when an adult is exhibiting inappropriate behavior through what they have learned in health class and the D.A.R.E. program or whatever the police department calls it today.  Once children reach 5th grade, they speak to various issues about relationships and what is right and what isn’t and what to do and how to report it when and if something inappropriate happens.  The problem is, younger children are too young to learn such information. Hopefully, parents are figuring out their own way to teach their children some basic skills of what is right and what is wrong when it comes to others touching them or trying to coerce them into doing something inappropriate.

Now how can we address what’s happening now? Three stories in one day is just too extreme. Something is wrong with the system if we have such a large number of sexual predators teaching our children. Things need to change for the better sooner than later for the sake of all of our children.

No child should have to carry the horrible memories attached to traumatic experiences, some of which they may never recover from. No one has the right to have that power over another person.  Hopefully, parents will make the time to check-in with their children to make sure nothing out of the ordinary is occurring and if it has, take care of it right away.

To all of those that have been violated, I apologize for the sins of others. There is a better tomorrow ahead for each and everyone of you. Just seek the help you need and put your best foot forward and never look back. Don’t allow anger and resentment take over or you will become any empty shell of who you once were.

Felina Silver Robinson

Brian Sanborn charged with upskirting