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Neighbors react to arrest of Quincy man in Boston Marathon bombing case

Quincy man faces obstruction charges

A year ago today I was planting in my garden While music from my iPhone played in the background.  I heard the ding of a news alert and grabbed my phone to see what it was.  My mouth hung open and tears ran down my face as I read alert that a bomb had gone off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. My heart began to race and my thoughts were frantic. I ran in the house to let my daughters know what had happened because I didn’t want them channel flipping and stumbling upon the news without me. They were frightened, but seemingly calm.  We were all worried about our friends who had gone into town with their mother who was visiting from France. We were scheduled to have dinner and a sleepover that evening. The girls went back to enjoying their moviethon while waiting for their friends to arrive.  I went back to gardening and listening to music hoping to hear from our friends sooner than later.  Approximately an hour later we heard from one of our friends who told me that they were in the Cambridge Side Galleria when they heard the blasting of the bombs, but didn’t know at the time what they were.  They told us that they tried to head home via the green line, but were told that all the trains had been shut down due to the bombing.  They became frantic and worried about how and when they would be able to get home. Our plans for the evening were of course canceled as they couldn’t guarantee when they would return and were all shaken up about what happened.  I let the girls know.  They were disappointed, but completely understood because they too were scared.

So it was sort of sad that everyone was supposed to be enjoying finishing the marathon and the fact that they are on April vacation.  Instead, people were helping those that were injured, trying to find a way home, wondering where the bombers were and whether or not anything else was going to happen. As the week progressed anxiety rose in everyone. Worried for the lives lost and the lives that were changed forever.  You didn’t have to be there to be affected by what happened.

Fear was all around us, we had to remain as calm as possible and be as strong as we could. We had to move on and deal with what had happened.  But first, the bombers had to be caught.  On April 19th in the wee hours of the morning Tamerlan Anzorovich Tsarnaev was mortally wounded by what may have been friendly fire.  His brother Dzhokhar Anzorovich “Jahar” Tsarnaev was wounded but escaped and a manhunt ensued.  Thankfully, later that evening, he was found unarmed and severely wounded hiding underneath a boat in Watertown, MA and was arrested. He is now awaiting his trial.

On April 30, 2013, I posted a story “Do you know who your neighbors are?”. A year later, Nadine Ascencao, who was the former girlfriend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, has since moved out of her apartment here.  It was more like her roommates asked her to leave because they didn’t like the constant attention from the press.  She wasn’t there most of the time and her roommates grew tired of visits from news reporters. I’m certainly more than happy not to be dealing with it as well.  The Reporters frequented our house even more because they knew that Nadine and I were acquainted and therefore felt I had to know where she was and what she was doing, but of course I didn’t. In fact I didn’t know her well enough in that way.  I’m just a friendly outgoing neighbor who makes it a point to make sure that the female neighbors know that they always have a safe place if they need it.  As well as someone who is willing to help when and if they need it.

I’m happy to say now that a year has gone by things have calmed down.  The tragedy will never be forgotten, but I think we are all trying to get to know our neighbors a little bit more and hope that down the line nothing like this will ever happen again.

The focus is now purely on staying safe and honoring those that lost loved ones and those that were injured during the events of that day.  Business suffered too and hopefully, everyone is on the road to recovery and enjoying all the events given in their honor.

Boston remains strong. Hopefully, this years running of the Boston Marathon on April 21, 2014 will be the success that it deserves to be. Visit some of your local news stations to view their tributes and happenings.

Boston’s Channel 7 – Boston Remembers

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Russia failed to tell FBI about Islamic jihad call, report says

WASHINGTON — The Russian government declined to provide the F.B.I. with information about Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev two years before the attack that might have prompted more extensive scrutiny of him, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

Watch the full report here

The information is contained in an inspector general’s review of how American intelligence and law enforcement agencies could have thwarted the bombing.

Russian officials had told the F.B.I. in 2011 that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, “was a follower of radical Islam and a strong believer,” the New York Times reported, and that Tsarnaev had changed drastically since 2010 as he prepared to leave the United States for travel to Russia.

But after an initial investigation by F.B.I. agents in Boston, the Russians declined several bureau requests for additional information they had about him, the newspaper reported.

The report found that it was only after the bombing occurred last April that the Russians shared with the F.B.I. the additional intelligence, including information from a telephone conversation the Russian authorities had intercepted between Tsarnaev and his mother in which they discussed Islamic jihad.

April 19, 2013 in the early hours of the morning I was in my living room working on my wii Fit since sleep wasn’t my friend. I kept noticing cars circling out in front of the house and noticed a car park across my driveway. Upon looking out the window, I noticed a number of FBI agents on the sidewalk and porch of my next door neighbor. At first I assumed something may have happened to one of the students because they are always partying too much and the police get called due to the noise level. Detectives have been in and out of the two student buildings on a regular basis during the night as well as the morning. So back to my story, after an hour passed and the agents were all still there, I was starting to get really nervous. Being that I was the only one in the house, I felt I had to wake my husband. I felt really bad since it was the Friday of the vacation week before the Monday return to school, and he was supposed to be able to sleep until 8am. Not this time, it was 7:15am when I leaned over and was desperately trying to wake him up to explain everything. Poor Joe was so tired, it took a few minutes before the information actually registered in his head. He had to have his coffee first before he could comprehend anything. Once that was done, he went outside to see what was going on. He returned shortly after to say that the FBI was questioning all the roommates with the Marathon Bombings. Our neighbor, Nadine Ascencao, apparently dated Tamerlan Tsarnaev for 3 years ending their relationship back in 2009 with a restraining order due to his abuse of her. I Didn’t learn this piece of information immediately. Joe was only told that their was a connection between a phone number found in either Nadine’s phone or Tamerlan’s, which opened the investigation. The pair of brothers were on the run and the FBI needed to exhaust any and all leads as to where they might be and what their connections are to others that may have helped them with the terrible events which occurred on Marathon Monday. By 9:15 am the FBI agents in a single line turned around to leave in the direction that they came in. They returned two more times that same day.

Throughout the day, we continued to try to stay updated on events as they occurred. We were all nervous that these brothers had been out there somewhere wanting to do only god knows what and to whom. We knew that the night before the brothers were cornered in Watertown after carjacking a car. The driver was smart enough to get away. The car itself ran out of gas. Gunfire erupted through the streets. Tamerlan was shot multiple times and ultimately died from those wounds. Dzhokhar, His younger brother frantically plowed over his corpse in his prompt get away. The search would continue for him into the night. By the early hours of the morning many streets had been shut down, others followed shortly afterwards. Many neighborhoods resembled ghost towns. Thankfully, residents were to scared to beckon their doorsteps. Who wants to live that way? No one. After killing 3 and wounding 206 completely innocent victims, it all ended on the residential streets underneath a boat where Dzhokhar finally surrendered. Sporting gun shot wounds among other things, he had hit a brick wall. No one left to guide him. He now has to answer for his crimes.

Dzhokhar lays in a state facility longing for earlier days. He’s lucky though, he has landed himself San Diego lawyer Judy Clark ( His parents are back home denying the guilt of both their sons. A mother who herself committed shoplifting prior to her return home to her country. Tamerlan’s wife has changed her last name hoping to erase her past with a killer.

For the residents of Brook street, news reporters still linger about hoping to bend the ear of Nadine, Tamerlan’s former girlfriend. Nadine recently shared her story ( outlining their destructive relationship which ended in 2009. Some reporters want to offer her an opportunity to clear her name proving that she had no knowledge or part in the horrific events on Marathon Monday. Others just want to hear more about what it was really like to be the girlfriend of a killer, and a terrorist.

When I go to bed at night now I wonder what I don’t know and what I should know about others that live here on such a quiet, family oriented street. Do you know who lives next door to you?