Archives For Sexual Propositions

David Seastrand resigned in 2013 

NEW LONDON, N.H. — New documents have been released regarding the former New London police chief, who resigned last year amid allegations that he tried to get a college student to take nude pictures in exchange for her charges being dropped.

Last march, a Colby Sawyer college student claimed former chief David Seastrand offered to drop underage drinking charges if he could take nude pictures of her.

Soon afterward, three other women came forward, saying Seastrand had made sexual propositions.

In transcripts released by the Attorney General’s Office Wednesday, one of the women told them about an encounter in 2009, claiming, “He said he would pay my ticket, if I would try on some sexy outfits for him.”

The woman agreed, and modeled them in front of Seastrand, in his uniform, at her apartment.

Another woman’s accusations go farther. She told investigators he drove her in his police SUV to a hilltop, where he told her to take off her clothes.

“He did say, ‘I’m gonna take you. I’m gonna take you,’” the woman said. “He pushed me against the cruiser, and, next thing I heard, he’s unzipping his pants.”

But a close friend of that woman told investigators there was an ongoing affair with the chief.

A third woman said the chief told her about a photographer friend who could help her find a job.

Weeks later, Seastrand drove the woman in his police SUV to a remote location. The woman said Seastrand told her he would take the pictures, and, “said that if I let him, that he would give me the $200.”

Jane Young, of the Attorney General’s Office, said just because the chief was in uniform or his cruiser in any of these instances doesn’t make it a crime.
As for the accusation from the woman he agreed to pay a ticket for, Young said the ticket was not for Seastrand’s department, and there was no evidence that police money was used.

The Attorney General’s Office said they had to look at the facts and weigh whether trying to prosecute the case would be in everyone’s best interest.

They decided that forcing Seastrand to resign and give up his certification as a police officer was the best option.