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Daniel Holtzclaw preyed on black women while on duty, jury finds

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Denis Barrette coached in North Andover, Haverhill


Every day when I hear the news I’m sickened more and more. Everyone wonders why children don’t respect their elders anymore. If those asking the question really put some thought into it, they would know the answer.  How are our children supposed to learn respect if the adults they look up to are committing such grievous acts? Every day there is some adult committing a hate crime, sex crime, a theft, a murder, etc. It’s no wonder that our young children have headed straight into violence at a younger age. Today’s young kids are “accidentally” shooting themselves with guns belonging to adults. We have young kids raping and murdering their teachers, killing their parents and other family members or just shooting up or stabbing school classmates, and/or their teachers.  What will it take to get people to understand that violence is not the resolution to any problem?

We generously open our doors to all those seeking refuge, education, or just a place to visit.  Most people are grateful to be here. They fit in nicely and make a home for themselves and become a part of our family.  Others decide they have to kill as many of us as possible, the more the merrier.

Obviously, there is no easy resolution to our current situation. However, until we clearly send the message that no level of violence will be tolerated, we will continue to fall victim to all that lies ahead at the hands of some of the most violent people out there.

We should consider raising bail amounts for those committing sex crimes. $5,000 bail is an insult to those who have been sexually violated.  Any sexual or violent crime should have a minimum bail amount of at least $100,000. No ones life should be devalued. It’s insulting to think that such crimes mean so little within any criminal justice system.  Most criminals have no remorse for their actions, while victims are trapped for a lifetime because of what they endured. Some can learn to live with their tragedies, others end up being miserable for the rest of their lives or end up taking their own life because they couldn’t endure the pain.

We need to re-educate our society and let them know that all life is meaningful.  If they believe that there is a place for all who want to be here then I’m certain they will do everything and anything to fight to keep it whole. People need to come together all the time, not just when tragedy strikes. Each day we fight the battle of life. We all play a role in making sure that the place we call home a place we can continue to be proud of calling home. It is said that “it takes a village to raise a child”. I say “It takes every country and all its people to make the world a place worth living.”

The only thing civilians should be armed with is the determination to make this place we call home a safer and more desirable place to live. Take back the right to guide your children, truly teach them right from wrong. The most important tools you have are love and time. That is what our children are looking for, but lately they haven’t gotten enough of it, so they look elsewhere for something or someone to call or think of as their family.

I hope we can change things now so that we can strengthen our chances for a better tomorrow.

UXBRIDGE, Mass. — A Level 3 sex offender and $10 million lottery winner living in Uxbridge was arrested on new charges Friday, according to a press release from the Uxbridge Police Department.

News partner The Milford Daily News reports that Daniel T. Snay, 62, of 558 Elmwood Ave., was arrested Friday and charged with indecent assault and battery on a child under the age of 14 – a subsequent offense, reckless endangerment of a child, enticement of a child and dissemination of pornography to a minor, police said.

In court Monday, Snay was ordered held on $5 million bail.

According to a press release from Uxbridge Police Chief Leffrey Lourie, the new crimes Snay is accused of took place during a four-year period. Uxbridge police are working with police in Connecticut and Rhode Island as some of the alleged offenses happened in those states, police said.

Snay is listed by the Sex Offender Registry Board as a Level 3 sex offender, with convictions for indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 in 1974 and 1976.

In 2008, Snay won $10 million on a scratch ticket from the Massachusetts State Lottery. Police said in the release Sunday that his winnings were used to carry out the crimes leading to his arrest this week.

Department spokeswoman Melanie Blodgett-O’Toole said on Sunday that no additional information would be released until Monday, when Snay is scheduled to be arraigned in Uxbridge District Court.

Police are asking anyone who knows of any illegal activity involving Snay to contact the department’s sexual assault unit at 508-278-7755.

Police said the two knew each other

NASHUA, N.H. — A Nashua man has been accused of sexually assaulting an underage female.

Police said the girl reported the alleged assault more than two weeks ago, and that the two knew each other.

According to authorities, Joshua Hansen, 38, faces two sexual assault charges.

Dudley police chief pushing to change law for almost a decade

DUDLEY, Mass. — A Team 5 Investigation uncovered teachers taking sexual advantage of students and now a police chief is speaking out about his frustration with Massachusetts law allowing many of those teachers to escape criminal prosecution.

Team 5’s Kathy Curran has more on why efforts to change that have gone nowhere on Beacon Hill for years.

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“If you’re in a position such as mine and you get presented with something that should be changed, I feel an obligation to try and change it and try to protect the victims in these cases,” said Dudley Police Chief Steve Wojnar.

Wojnar is calling for Beacon Hill lawmakers to take action after Team 5 Investigates exposed how many teachers caught in sex scandals with their students can’t be prosecuted if the student is 16 years old, or older.

“It’s extremely frustrating. If you’re in a position of authority over minors under the age of 18, you certainly have a direct amount of responsibility and impact on their future, in some way, shape or form, so you have to refrain from any of these types of relationships,” he said.

In 2004, the Dudley Police Department began an investigation into 31-year old Amber Jennings, an English teacher at Shepard Hill Regional High School who had an alleged sexual relationship with a 16-year-old former student.

Wojnar says prosecutors couldn’t charge her with sexual assault because the law doesn’t prohibit sexual relationships between students and teachers.

“When you found out did you just shake your head?” asked Team 5 Investigates’ Curran.

“Yes, and this is the reason why I’ve been trying to work on something for almost eight-10 years now because something really needs to change in that vein,” said Wojnar.

Wojnar is backing legislation introduced by Sen. Richard Moore of Uxbridge that’s intended to bring Massachusetts in line with other states, making it a crime for people in positions of authority to misuse their authority for sexual purposes.

“The legislation basically covers anybody, either a private or public institution of any type, it could be teachers, social workers, it’s anybody in a position of authority over minors,” Wojnar explained.

One example is Leominster High School teacher Molly Crane who surrendered her teaching license after records showed she allegedly engaged in a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student. She even went as far as giving the student a cellphone and setting up a Facebook page so she could communicate in secret, forcing the student to continue the relationship through intimidation and coercion.

Crane couldn’t be criminally charged either and she denies the allegations.

“Do you think it should be a crime if a teacher uses his or her position to take advantage of a student?” asked Curran.

“Absolutely, it’s very troubling when anybody takes advantage of their relationship with students to take advantage of those students,” said Mitchell Chester, commissioner of the Mass. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

But attorney Alice Peisch, chair of the Legislature’s joint committee on education told Team 5 Investigates she isn’t so sure. “Whether or not losing one’s job is a sufficient deterrent to that activity is something I’d have to give more consideration to,” said Peisch.

“Why do you think this legislation hasn’t been passed?” asked Curran.

“I have no idea. I’d be willing to talk to anybody who has a problem or issue with it in any way, shape or form,” said Wojnar.

The legislation won’t be taken up by the judiciary committee at the earliest until March. Critics tell Team 5 they believe too many defense attorneys in the Legislature are preventing it from passing.

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Suspects in the gang-rape case are led by police to a district courthouse in Birdhum district Thursday.

By Alexander Smith, NBC News contributor

Village elders in India ordered the gang rape of a 20-year-old woman after they found out she was in a relationship with a man from a different community, police said Thursday.

Police in a rural part of West Bengal arrested 13 people in connection with the alleged offense that left the woman in critical condition in the hospital, police told the BBC.

“The relationship was going on for almost five years,” Birbhum police chief C. Sudhakar said. “When the man visited the woman’s home on Monday with the proposal of marriage, villagers spotted him and organized a kangaroo court.

“During the ‘proceedings,’ the couple were made to sit with hands tied.”

Sudhakar told the BBC that the elders took action because the woman was from their tribal community and her boyfriend was from a non-tribal community nearby.

So-called “kangaroo courts,” made up of village elders, do not have an official capacity but are not uncommon especially in India’s more rural areas.

The woman said she was assaulted by the men on the night of Jan. 20 in the district of Birbhum.

Sudhakar told the BBC that the lead elder, who is among those arrested, had initially ordered the woman’s family to pay 25,000 rupees ($400).

But they were too poor to pay the fine so the elder told the alleged gang rapists “go enjoy the girl and have fun,” according to a complaint filed by the family.

According to a report by Reuters the men have appeared in court and are now remanded in jail.

The issue of sexual violence against women in India became a national and international issue last year after a 23-year-old student was killed in a brutal gang rape in Delhi in 2012.

The case shocked the world and led to nationwide protests and a toughening of the laws covering sex crimes.