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Nathan Harnden, Nicholas Harnden accused in Maplewood Avenue incident

Three arrested in burglary investigation

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Twin brothers are accused of trying to break into a woman’s bedroom in the middle of the night, Portsmouth police said.

A woman was asleep in her second-floor bedroom when she heard someone trying to get in the window of her home off Maplewood Avenue, police said.

“She heard her window being opened up and she heard voices,” Capt. Mike Schwartz said. “She screamed and called 911, which is exactly what she should have been doing.”

The woman yelled, “No!” and it was enough to startle to the intruder, police said.

“She cried out and the people who were breaking in ran off,” Schwartz said. “She called 911 and we were fortunate, we were able to get a lot of patrol officers in the area quickly and we took three people into custody.”

Police arrested 20-year-old brothers Nathan and Nicholas Harnden. Investigators said one of the brothers stood on the others’ shoulders to reach the window.

Megan Morrison was also arrested on a prowling charge.

Investigators said the three might be connected to a spree of home and car break-ins in the area, which is within walking distance of where the twins live.  Additional charges might be pending, police said.

“Those three people are responsible for quite a few car break-ins in the area,” Schwartz said. “And then we have some burglaries we’re investigating that might be connected to this.”

Police urged people who live in the area to lock their cars and keep doors and windows to their homes locked.