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Adam Polakowski’s computer held 800 porn images, affidavit says

Yarmouth Police

YARMOUTH, Mass. — A Yarmouth man whose computer allegedly held 800 images of child pornography faces a hearing in U.S. District Court in Boston Thursday.

Adam Polakowski, 45, was arrested by agents from the Department of Homeland Security at his home this week after they discovered he had exchanged 36 sexually explicit emails with an Arizona man, according to an affidavit filed in federal court.

The images seized in Polakowski’s home show children between the ages of 4 and 14 engaging in a variety of sexual activity, the affidavit states.

Polakowski admitted to agents that he “engaged in fantasies with others about the violent abduction and rape of children,” according to the affidavit. “Polakowski further admitted to taking surreptitious photographs of unknown girls at a local (Cape Cod) beach.”

Polakowski is charged with both possession and distribution of child pornography.