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Sentencing scheduled for Wed.
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BOSTON — A Massachusetts man and his wife have been found guilty of running a sex-trafficking operation in the Boston area, becoming the first people convicted under the state’s anti-trafficking law.

Forty-year-old Rafael Henriquez and his wife, 52-year-old Ramona Carpio Hernandez are of East Boston. They were convicted Friday on four charges of running and managing a sex-trafficking operation.

A Suffolk Superior Court jury also convicted a third person, 36-year-old Diego Suarez of Chelsea, on three counts of owning a sex-trafficking home.

The three were arrested on March of 2012, becoming the first suspects to be charged under the new law from 2011.

There are currently 11 people with pending human trafficking charges.

The convicts are being held without bail while they await sentencing scheduled for Feb. 26.