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Bank Hackers Steal Millions Via Malware

There have been many injustices that have recently occurred, two of which have been on my mind. The first being the idea that North Korea wants to retaliate against all of us over what a movie depicts.  While at the same time I feel that just because we have the right to freedom of speech, does it really make sense to produce a movie that depicts the desire to assassinate a strong adversary? When people make choices that the outcome of innocent victims not involved with the choices they have made, it doesn’t seem fair. We now have threats from North Korea who wants to use nuclear weapons against us in retaliation for someone else’s choices. I enjoy being able to say the things that I want to say and do, but there is still something called common sense and the difference between right and wrong. There are so many things to make movies about that you shouldn’t have to make a movie about plotting to kill another countries president, especially one that we may have been at odds with. Think about how you would feel if that happened to you as an individual for the world to see. I’m in no way justifying any ideas of retaliation. I don’t believe in anyone choosing to react with violence. It make sense for everyone to fully think through all that they do before they make choices that affect the lives of others.

My other concern is the act and idea of revenge killings that make no real sense. While it is obvious that the justice system is not at all perfect. This does not give any person the right to revenge any acts that displease them. These people become even more guilty than the parties that they are retaliating against, because they know full well what their acts are before they occur. That being said, those committing such acts should be ready for all the consequences that come along with those actions.

I just had this conversation with one of my 14-year-old daughters who has been very upset by the police officers that killed the two unarmed people did not face a judge. I too have been deeply upset by this, but I would never act on my feelings by avenging their deaths.

Without violence and in numbers we can all be heard. If we act with intelligence and without ignorance, people in power will eventually listen. If something is important enough, keep pressing on it in a respectful way until your voice is heard and action has taken place to correct the wrong that occurred.  We mostly likely not be completely happy with the outcome of any one situation, I’m however certain that there is a happy medium that will suffice for all.

Written by Felina Silver Robinson

Do You Agree With Him? (See Felina’s comments below photo)

Clay AikenC


I most certainly don’t agree with Clay Aiken or anyone else that feels that he is right.  While I would certainly never pose nude and put it on my computer, what someone does with their own bodies, in their own home, on their own computer, is their right. It’s not their fault that there is always some sick minded individual waiting in the darkness to wreak havoc upon unsuspecting innocent victims. It’s comments such as Clay’s that gives criminals the support they need to continue on with their illegal endeavours. Most often criminals get away clean with their actions or just get a slap on the hands.  My suggestions for the victims moving forward, is to revert back to polaroid shots and put your photos in a safe.

The unfortunate reality in today’s world is that the internet is the newest target of many that will keep criminals going for decades to come. We all need to think of more ways to protect ourselves. The celebrity victims have done nothing wrong. No one wants to cry victim, but in this case they are in fact victims. I suggest now however that now since everyones eyes are now, don’t let this continue. Become well informed and the one who learns from their mistakes.

Clay, et. al. statements such as the one you made are unfair and insensitive and can send the wrong message. Sensitivity would be more appropriate and maybe giving suggestions on how people could make safer choices moving forward. While they are indeed adults, there are no perfect people and people make mistakes. We are all learning something new each day about how society is changing. That society now includes something we didn’t have years ago, and that is the World Wide Web and it has become home to those with too much extra time on their hands, so much so they use it to disrupt the lives of the innocent. More energy should be spent on trying to find ways to protect internet users from criminals. Clay, as someone seeking political office maybe that is something you should add to your agenda! Felina Silver Robinson


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A U.S. grand jury has indicted 13 members of the hacking group Anonymous on Thursday, court documents reveal.

The members of the group are being charged for participating in 2010 cyberattacks against government agencies, politicians and companies like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Bank of America. It also targeted the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Called “Operation Payback,” the attacks were mainly distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which floods a website with traffic in order to crash its server, in retaliation for the shutdown of torrent search engine Pirate Bay.

Anonymous members also attacked websites of people or organizations that were critical of Wikileaks. Visa, MasterCard and PayPal stopped processing payments to Wikileaks in 2010, while the organization was being investigated. The website was scrutinized by the U.S. government after it leaked hundreds of thousands of sensitive diplomatic cables.

The court papers say that the hackers conspired to coordinate DDoS attacks in Internet Chat Relay (IRC) channels. The group caused an estimated $5,000 in damages and affected at least 10 “protected computers.”