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Do You Agree With Him? (See Felina’s comments below photo)

Clay AikenC


I most certainly don’t agree with Clay Aiken or anyone else that feels that he is right.  While I would certainly never pose nude and put it on my computer, what someone does with their own bodies, in their own home, on their own computer, is their right. It’s not their fault that there is always some sick minded individual waiting in the darkness to wreak havoc upon unsuspecting innocent victims. It’s comments such as Clay’s that gives criminals the support they need to continue on with their illegal endeavours. Most often criminals get away clean with their actions or just get a slap on the hands.  My suggestions for the victims moving forward, is to revert back to polaroid shots and put your photos in a safe.

The unfortunate reality in today’s world is that the internet is the newest target of many that will keep criminals going for decades to come. We all need to think of more ways to protect ourselves. The celebrity victims have done nothing wrong. No one wants to cry victim, but in this case they are in fact victims. I suggest now however that now since everyones eyes are now, don’t let this continue. Become well informed and the one who learns from their mistakes.

Clay, et. al. statements such as the one you made are unfair and insensitive and can send the wrong message. Sensitivity would be more appropriate and maybe giving suggestions on how people could make safer choices moving forward. While they are indeed adults, there are no perfect people and people make mistakes. We are all learning something new each day about how society is changing. That society now includes something we didn’t have years ago, and that is the World Wide Web and it has become home to those with too much extra time on their hands, so much so they use it to disrupt the lives of the innocent. More energy should be spent on trying to find ways to protect internet users from criminals. Clay, as someone seeking political office maybe that is something you should add to your agenda! Felina Silver Robinson