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Man robs Stoughton gas station at gunpoint, police say

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A gas station attendant managed to snatch a firearm from a man attempting to rob the North Main Street business this week

Clerk taken to hospital with several gunshot wounds

Man demands cash from gas station attendant

Littlelton robbery may be related to 3 others

LITTLETON, Mass. —An armed robbery is under investigation in Littleton and police said it may be related to at least three similar robberies in the Fitchburg area.

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The Shell Gas station on King Street was held up by at least three people late Wednesday night.

“One had a fairly large black pistol which he pointed at me over the register,” clerk Jessie Cooper said.

Cooper said one of the robbers put a gun to his forehead.

“I could feel the cold steel,” he said. “I just basically let them take what they wanted. All I am thinking of here is ‘do what you are going to do and leave because I don’t want to get shot.'”

Littleton and state police are searching for at least three people involved in the robbery. A fourth may have waited in a getaway car.

“It is very unusual to have a team of three armed men hold up a gas station,” Deputy Police Chief Mathew King said.

“They had hoods tied up really right so you couldn’t see,” Cooper said.

Police believe the robbers could be the same team involved in a series of similar robberies in the area.

“There was a lot of yelling, but it seemed this wasn’t new. All the time they knew what they were doing,” Cooper said.

Several hundred dollars was taken.

Cooper, who was back on the job Thursday, said he was not hurt, but had trouble sleeping after the robbery.