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Lisa Haney Bilodeau accused of forging nursing license 

HAVERHILL, Mass. — A Haverhill school nurse entrusted with the care of special needs students was accused Friday of being a fraud.

Lisa Haney Bilodeau worked in the Haverhill public schools caring for physically disabled children since last summer — students with down syndrome, epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

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“The medical care that the children required included the administration of medication, insulin and the administering of feeding tubes,” Assistant District Attorney Tom Sholds said.

Aroutine internal audit two weeks ago revealed Bilodeau was not a nurse.
“The license number listed on the suspect, on the defendant’s job application, was not a nurse number, rather that of an aesthetician,” Sholds said.

Bilodeau allegedly provided a copy of someone else’s nursing license, substituting her own name when she was confronted.

Brian Todd’s 12-year-old son Logan, who is severely disabled and nonverbal, was in her care.

“Logan has severe epilepsy. He takes several seizures a day,” Todd said. “He was put in danger daily by the fact he does take narcotics on a daily basis to stop his epilepsy.”

Bilodeau’s attorney said her client worked as a certified nurse’s assistant in the past.

“She actually administered medication. She actually provided shots for children. She took care of tubes. She actually worked with doctors. She worked with other nurses and she did that for 10 years,” the attorney said.

She said Bilodeau panicked and lied because her husband had lost his job. Her mother, who works in the school system, declined comment.

“There has to be an accountability process and someone has to be held accountable,” Todd said.

The superintendent of schools sent a letter to parents last week, informing them Bilodeau had been fired.

“We are still trying to figure out what went wrong and if anyone was responsible for her passing the initial background check. It is disturbing that something like this happened and not fair to the children,” he said.

Judge Patricia Dowling said they are serious allegations of fraud, but there is no evidence of this time of any mistreatment of any children, so she set bail at $5,000 cash. The case was continued to May 2.