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Indictment includes felony charge of falsifying physical evidence

ROCHESTER, N.H. — A former newspaper reporter accused of putting a hidden camera inside a ladies’ room has been formally indicted.

Conor Makem was let go by the Rochester Times after he was arrested in October. He is now facing 20 charges, including one felony charge of falsifying physical evidence. Under New Hampshire law, taking images of someone without their consent is a misdemeanor.

“Basically, the allegations are that there was some sort of camera device in the bathroom at the Merchant Plaza located in Rochester that was either removed by Mr. Makem or destroyed by Mr. Makem, and that’s the substance of the falsifying physical evidence charge,” said Assistant County Attorney Amy Feliciano.

Investigators said Makem is accused of using the camera to take pictures of women using the bathroom. Six women have been identified in 80 images so far, leading to 19 misdemeanor charges of invasion of privacy.

“I have had cases such as this in the past, and I think that victims are generally surprised that that is the level of this type of charge, but unfortunately at this time, any violation of privacy only rises to the level of misdemeanor,” Feliciano said.

Investigators said the digital images were found on Makem’s computer.

Makem is free on bail, and his arraignment is scheduled for next week. The felony charge carries a possible sentence of three and a half to seven years.