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DURHAM, N.H. — A former University of New Hampshire athletics employee has been arrested after a locker room incident triggered a criminal investigation.

UNH said Monday that Scott Weitzell, 50, of Newmarket, had been fired amid an investigation into unspecified allegations. On Wednesday, UNH officials said the investigation involved voyeurism accusations connected to a men’s basketball game played in January in Vermont.

UNH police said Weitzell was accused of taking pictures in a men’s locker room designated for UNH players after a game at the University of Vermont.

Police said nothing was reported until about two weeks ago, but after the accusations were made, Weitzell was placed on administrative leave. He was fired days later.

Weitzell was a part-time employee whose responsibilities included community relations and organizing clinics for students and coaches.

Police said that as they investigated the accusations, they obtained a search warrant for his home to look for a phone he used. Officers said Weitzell tried to destroy the phone, and they arrested him for falsifying evidence.

“At this point, it doesn’t appear that any of the images seized include people under the age of 18, and investigators are exercising every avenue to make sure the victims are all identified and provided counseling or support services,” said Chief Paul Dean.

Police said they have more search warrants for Weitzell’s home and work, and they said more charges could be filed.