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Mayor Jeannette McCarthy said she is confident that Kennedy Middle School is secure after an incident last week in which a student allegedly made a “kill list” of fellow students, Wicked Local/Waltham reported.

The student who created the “kill list,” which was made up of three other students, has been removed from school, McCarthy said, but would not say whether the student was suspended or expelled. The incident occurred on Friday.

“To my knowledge the kid is not in school,” McCarthy said at a press conference at City Hall Tuesday.

A letter was sent home to Kennedy Middle School parents Monday afternoon informing them of the list.

On Friday, a teacher found three names on a desk listed below the title “Students who make fun of me,” according to Principal Jack Cawley’s letter. The teacher asked the student what the list was and the student responded, “This is my kill list,” according to the letter.

School staff and School Resource Officers immediate intervened to interview the student who wrote the names. McCarthy said they would not release the names, ages or gender of the four people involved.

“We’re also responsible to keep them safe,” McCarthy said.

A reverse 911 call went out to parents Monday afternoon informing them about the incident and letting them know that the letter would be coming home. McCarthy, who was fully informed of the circumstances surrounding the incident on Monday, said she was receiving some complaints from parents about the timing of the communication.

“The only criticism that the parents are saying was why weren’t [they] notified on Friday,” McCarthy said, adding that the intervention with those involved was conducted on Friday and went into the evening.

Cawley wrote in the letter to parents that Kennedy Middle School administrators, along with those involved with the incident, were working collaboratively and the following actions were taken:

-The parents of the three students on the list were contacted and came to school.

-The parents of the three students were briefed by school administrators and the Waltham Police.

-A plan was generated to provide services and support for all the students involved.

-Administrators and staff will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that students and staff are supported and feel safe.

McCarthy added that parents should not feel hesitant to send their students to school.

“An appropriate action was taken on Friday in regard to intervention,” McCarthy said.

“I believe in the fact that we have a response and it was an immediate response.”