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Craig Good is a level 3 sex offender at age 28. He was charged yesterday in the rape of a 14-year-old Upton girl. When arrested, Good was found in bed, naked with the girl. He had taken advantage of her two or three times. What is wrong with men that basically hunt young girls and turn them into their own personal sex slaves often lending them out to other men to make money off of them? These men care nothing for the minds or souls of their young victims. They certainly couldn’t be bothered thinking about their victims families as that would get in he way of what they are doing.

This particular relationship came alive on the Internet. This is how Good came to know his young victim and was able to entice her into meeting up with him. I urge all parents to continue to talk to their children about the dangers of talking to strangers on he Internet. Parents should tell their children to share all suspicious Internet behavior with the, a friend or another adult they feel comfortable with. Ensure your children hat their lives are worth more than whatever they think they might find with a complete stranger that would never have their best interest in mind. We are not always offered a second chance at life. This 14-year-old victim was lucky to be alive, most often she would have been killed and discarded.

I hope this time, Good isn’t given another opportunity to see outside cell walls to take another victim. This man definitely has some severe mental health issues and clearly can’t stop himself from his vicious and malicious behavior.

I hope his young victim gets all the help she needs to help her live the life she deserves to live.