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Three Oklahoma teens shoot man for fun

I was truly disgusted to read about the three Oklahoma teens who shot and killed a visiting Australian baseball who happened to walk down the wrong street. Prosecutors charged 15-year-Old James Francis Edwards Jr. and 16-year-old Chancey Allen Luna with first-degree murder On August 20, 2013. Their friend, 17-year-old Michael Dewayne Jones was also charged today, but with being an accessory after the fact and with using a vehicle during the discharge of weapon. Although he was charged as a youthful offender his case will still be heard in adult court.

The three young men killed 22-year-old Christopher on Friday, August 16, 2013 just because these young men had nothing better to do. to overcome boredom. Oklahoma law states that because the teens are 15 and older and facing a first-degree murder charges both of them are automatically tried in adult court. I imagine that the thrill of their kill of the traveling Aussie is now dead and they will have to find another way to handle their boredom in prison.

As a parent I know the devastation all the families involved are feeling. An unnecessary loss of life for no reason at all. Parents don’t bring children into the world expecting these types of things to happen. People often try to blame the parents for all that their children do. In all fairness to them, often times, some children can have everything and end up being the worst offenders of all.

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