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Why would a 26-year-old able-bodied woman want to risk her freedom to fraudulently steal $480,000 away from a fund meant for those who were truly victimized and left permanently scared in various ways. Her actions are deplorable. I just don’t know how Audrea Gause of N.Y. could come up with such a scream. New York was also a target on the bombers list. Thankfully N.Y. escaped this attack as they have already suffered through so many other attacks. Times are tough for everyone, but I’m certain that Gause’s family raised her better than to take from those truly deserving.

We learn that in the early morning hours a poor woman lost her life after crashing into the tunnel wall of the Sumner tunnel as she exited onto the Government Center exit. Fortunately, the three other people in the car only suffered minor injuries. While this young woman’s family mourns her loss, the family of Kevin Graney is disgraced by his actions.

Mr. Graney has worked for the MBTA for 20 years, come to find out that for almost five years, he was driving T vehicles without a license. Despite that he didn’t physically hurt anyone, he is not above the law and committed a crime for an extended period. The question is how does this criminal walk away with a pension and a pat on the back just because he put in 20 years of service and certainly not 20 perfect years.

There are honest people and there are dishonest people, you always have to think about who you want to be and how you want to be remembered. I know I say this a lot, but a small reminder doesn’t hurt. We have children that we are trying to mold into good law-abiding people, despite what they see occur around them. That is not an easy task to complete as these days it seems that there are more people bad than good people doing good. We have to choose as people to make this different and then we don’t have ask why they are not different.