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stabbed heart

Moving past the pain…©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

He left me to be with another

I must stay strong

Our years together no longer mean a thing

Someone younger has more to offer

I’m no longer his thing

I know it’s not my fault

I mustn’t let it get me down

I can not, must not harm another

I know my pain is severe

I must be strong and work through the pain

I can’t do something regretful so I can no longer be there for our kids

I must seek help in working through the pain

I must stand strong

I can start over again

My life is worth more

No crime will heal my pain

I thank my children for making me see clearly


I wrote this poem after reading the story of the Teacher in Lynn who was arrested for attempting to run down her ex-husband’s girlfriend.

No situation, no matter how painful gives us the power to take the life of another.

Think of all the things you will lose if you become as bad or even worse than those that hurt you.

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