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This Sunday morning I find myself perplexed by so many of the world’s recent tragedies. I find myself knowing that there is nothing I wouldn’t do for a child. A child who knows no evil, only their own innocence. I would never turn my back on a child’s need for love and the care that an adult should give naturally. I would never stand by and watch a child be harmed. I know that if I did not see a child for sometime, but still saw their parent(s), I would tell someone or question their absence. If I saw a picture of any kind resembling a missing child that I knew I hadn’t seen, I would seek out authorities to tell them what I know. I will always offer my voice, my hands and my home to a child in need that I have the power to help. Baby Bella Bond on this day of worship, I find myself thinking of you and questioning all that happened. Wondering why no adults that saw your picture found the strength not to come forward until the police figured out most information for themselves. I wish there was help for you, before it was too late. I wish the system in place meant to protect you actually worked. Maybe now with your sacrifice things will change so that no other child falls victim to the system meant to protect them. May adults who need help get help before it’s too late. May the law stand strong in their pursuit to defend the innocence lost and punish all those who deserve to be punish. May we all find the ability to forgive, but not to forget this needless tragedy.

May Rachelle Bond and Michael McCarthy admit to their wrong doing and take their punishment to pay penance for their crimes.

Rest peacefully little Bella.

By Felina Silver Robinson

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