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By Felina Silver Robinson

It is sad what our society has done to men. That fathers have left their sons with an inability to show emotion for fear that they may not appear to be strong. Let me be fair to state that this is not necessarily today’s men, but definitely men of the late 50s and those before them. In today’s age we have to live life with feeling and compassion. There is so much going on where we must have the verbal ability to comfort those in need when the time warrants it. Unfortunately, not all people seem to be equipped with that ability. Let me be clear in that there is a difference in a person that is just angry at the world or that just doesn’t want or like being around others and the difference between a person who just has a severe lack of communication skills because they never learned them as a child. It is clearly the parents responsibility to start the communication piece in their children, and the sooner they start the process, the better off everyone will be. Parents can’t assume that a child will be able to learn such skills on their own. Leaving them without them can be harmful to their adult relationships, especially their marriages.I have hope for all of us men, women and children. It’s ok to feel and it’s more than ok to talk about what your feeling. Together, we can all be strong communicators.

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We all make mistakes.  But here are some mistakes NOT to make when it comes to talking to women.  And what they are likely thinking if you do!

1) When you put too much thought into things, you end up creating problems that were never there to begin with. So I suggest you slow down the thought process and if the problem seems bigger than you, then realize you are either in over your head or you’ve given the matter way too much thought.  Step away from it all and go back to it later with fresh eyes. There is no shame in failure when it’s realized before it has time to hurt others, or cost you more than its worth.

2) I would rather love and fail by my own decisions than to fail at love that was chosen for me.  I can fix those things that I know, but may only cause irreparable damage to the things or people who I don’t know.

3) Alone, I can think many thoughts and carry out great things. Amongst many my ideas are flooded by the crowd and I’m lost in a sea of uncertainty, so sit back and take it all in and make my choices once all others have laid their cards on the table, then my thoughts and Ideas are foremost in the eyes of my adversaries and colleagues. In other words as many others have said, don’t always show your hand before its played.

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From my own personal experiences, saying various things outlined in this list gives others the impression that they are allowed to continuously think of you as easy prey and they will take advantage of you if they feel you are submissive or overly eager to please, even if that is not your intent. Be yourself as much as possible.