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Woman was not arrested, police say


Officials hopeful First Spiritualist Church will be over new foundation Tuesday


A beating that lead to the death of a 19-year-old boy in a secretive New York church may have started because he wanted to leave the organization


Man described as white, wearing glasses

Brookline, MA – HDR Photography

Things I Miss In Brookline

  1. Block Parties
  2. Yearly Road Work
  3. Teachers Who Want To Teach Those Who Need Help (and not just the ones they enjoy teaching)
  4. Teachers Who Know How To Do The Work That They Are Teaching
  5. Parks With Basketball Hoops In Them
  6. Street Lights That Keep You Safe

Places I Miss In Brookline

  • Pewter Pot (Coolidge Corner)
  • The Colorado Public Library (The Hearthstone Plaza – Brookline Village)
  • George’s Follies (Coolidge Corner)
  • International House of Pancakes (IHOP – Harvard Street)
  • Gifts By Ivy (Harvard Street)
  • Woolworth’s Five and Dime (Brookline Village and Coolidge Corner)
  • Friendly’s (Coolidge Corner)
  • Veronique’s (Coolidge Corner)
  • Barnes & Nobles (Coolidge Corner)
  • Pizzeria Regina (Harvard Street)
  • Roth’s Fish Market (Brookline Village)
  • St. Paul’s Church Before the Fire (St. Paul’s Street)
  • Blockbuster Video (Harvard Street)
  • Allen Buick Car Dealership (Harvard Street)
  • NHD Hardware (Washington & Cypress Street)
  • Baskin Robbins (Harvard Street in Coolidge Corner)
  • The Ground Round (Cleveland Circle)
  • Cleveland Circle Cinema (Cleveland Circle)
  • St. Mark’s Church (Park Street in Brookline)
  • Mike’s Market (Brook Street in Brookline)

Hopkinton bomb threat hoax disrupts town, cancels mass

Janet Murphy, 76, went missing Friday. She was found safe Saturday in Maine. Her family said she’s struggling with memory loss.

Missing NH Woman Found Safe

My Poem of the Day


St. Paul's Church

The Old St Paul’s©

As a child I sat in a church pew each Sunday from early morning till past noon

The seats were so tall that I could barely see past them

The organ so loud that the minister had to bellow each word he uttered

The sun beat harshly against the stained glass windows

So hard that I thought I could see each picture dancing to the organs sounds

The array of colors kept me busy while awaited my next prompt to sing

I felt like I was in the king’s palace as I sat among all the other choir members

I too bellowed just as loudly as the minister being certain that everyone would hear my words

With each word that I sang I felt like life was carrying me forward to another place in time

I almost didn’t want the music to end

But I knew my entire day wasn’t meant to be spent at the old St. Paul’s

So at a half past one along with my sister and brother hand in hand we headed home

While the adults stayed behind to attend to the vestry meeting and planned for what was ahead

I so loved my Sunday’s at Old St. Paul’s

Copyright 2014

The Old St Paul’s©

By Felina Silver Robinson

In loving memory of Rev. Murray & Clare Dewart who taught me the true understanding of my spirituality

and opened up my heart to share with others.

1. Popular Native American Church & Peyote song videos

2. Diversity and Beauty of Native American women

3. Nuns Urge Pope to Rescind Doctrine of Discovery

Vatican Archives
One of the original Papal Bulls that decreed it was okay to take indigenous land and crush culture on Turtle Island.



  4. NFL Commish Roger Goodell Is Tone Deaf on Ray Rice, Redskins

Associated Press
Ray Rice

5. ‘Am I Next?’ Indigenous Women in Canada Ask Social Media

Holly Jarrett/Facebook
Holly Jarrett, cousin of murdered Inuit university student Loretta Saunders,
has begun a social media campaign to push for a national inquiry into the
issue of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada.

6. Gil Birmingham, Tina Fey Post Selfie From Set of ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’

Birmingham called Fey an ‘inspiring queen of comedy.’

7. Don’t Just Say It—Do It

8. Gathering of the Tribes: Artists Celebrate Indigenous Origins

9. Tactics for the Lazy Investor: A Native Guide to Investing


10. Indian Country Tourism Highlighted at Nez Perce Economic

Convening & Tradeshow

Courtesy AIANTA
AIANTA Executive Director Camille Ferguson presents book to NezPerce
Tribal Chairman Silas C. Whitman

11. Tex Hall Vying for Fourth Term as Three Affiliated Tribes Chairman

Gale Courey Toensing

12. The Supreme Court of Canada’s ‘Parasitic’ Aboriginal Activities

My Poem of the Day


Confirmation Day©

Shiny patent leather shoes

White tights

White gloves

Sunday dress

Hat with a bow

Pews filled


Loved ones



Congregation members

Candidates partnered with their sponsors

Ministers and Bishops in place

The Choir

The Organist

The sun shining brightly through stain glass windows

Butterflies in tummy

While you wait in place

Words, prayers, praises and hymns

When it’s all over

The celebration begins

We are one together





Now let the journey begin

Copyright 2014

Confirmation Day©

Felina Silver Robinson