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Happy Birthday Virginia!

Check out 20 people, products, movies, and songs will be celebrating the big twentieth birthday in 2016 in this slideshow

Grand Ole Opry is credited with making country music famous, and first premiered as a radio show called the WSM Barn Dance in 1925


Famous Celebrities Celebrating Birthdays Today





As We Celebrate Your Life©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Bothered by your silence

I think of words to say

But nothing comes to mind

Because you’re bluer than this day

The cheer I’m use to seeing

Seems to have gone astray

On any other day

I would just look the other way

But today

You should be happy

As we celebrate your life

With so much to look back on

Even more going forward

Everyone will come from miles around

To honor all that you’ve done

All that you’ve become

So please

Throw away your frown

Put your smile back on

We’ll put your favorite song on

And we’ll dance the night away

Hence, your silence will become a thing of the past

But your memories will surely last

So come and let’s have a blast

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Jimmy Fallon, Lionel Richie, The Tonight Show