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Here’s Why Mosquito Bites Itch for Such A Long Time

10 new infections identified

Video Full news conference on Zika Virus


New data shows more cases found in Massachusetts

Massachusetts 5th Highest for Zika Cases in the Nation: CDC

A dreaded superbug found for the first time in a U.S. woman

Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae: CRE For the first time, the CDC is categorizing antibiotic-resistant organisms by threat level. That's because, in their conservative estimates, more than 2 million people get antibiotic-resistant infections each year, and at least 23,000 die because current drugs no longer stop their infections.
Credit: 	Centers for Disease Control

Why letting teens sleep in could save lives

Woman has recovered from virus and is not pregnant, officials say

Zika virus

WHO leader: Zika virus ‘spreading explosively’

One dead in listeria outbreak; salad suspected

No one has died in the reported cases of infection, the Washington State Department of Health said

The number of salmonella infections linked to cucumbers continues to soar. Three people have died in this year's ongoing outbreak, according to the Centers for Disease Control, which has reported more than 500 cases.

Colton Guay died Monday