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I’m officially extremely disappointed with CBS for not doing anything about the happenings within the current Big Brother household. Thankfully Aaryn got a clue and stopped with all of her racial comments and the way she chose to treat other members of the household. So we know from seeing Aaryn’s changes that change is possible. Gina Marie is also pretty volatile but in a different way and not so excessively. But Amanda is by far the most volatile, disgustingly abusive and abrasive player of all time. Russell was bad, but in a different sort of way. He ended up leaving the house, thankfully. Amanda can’t go 5 minutes without abusing or insulting someone. How is this ok? Bullying is just as bad as hitting someone if not worse. Why is Amanda allowed to have free reign over everyone’s life? She certainly knows no boundaries. I continue to watch the show because I actually care about the other players and they deserve to be there to the end. I keep hoping that Amanda will be kicked out because of her behavior, but no one even tells her that she is doing anything wrong. I’m talking a out the producers, not the players, Some boundaries really need to be set for this show. I’ve watched every season, but if this is how it’s going to be, I’m not sure that I will continue watching.