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Coast Guard will attempt to retrieve boat

Otherwise, you’ll have to wait til March.

South Boston-02/25/12- Sullivan's, a fixture on Castle Island opened for the season Saturday(2/25), as customers trickled in. Eddie Walsh, 89 from South Boston has been getting hot dogs at Sullys for as long as he can remember. Boston Globe staff photo by John Tlumacki (metro)


Cracks in the Foundation

Today we woke up determined to

make a visit to one of our favorite places

Is has several names

Castle Island

Pleasure Bay

Fort Independence

To us it’s the place we go

At least 3 times a year or more

Sometimes we count:

Each step we take

Each boat we see

Each dog that barks

Each child we hear

Each seagull that flies overhead

Each plane that takes off

Each plane that lands

Each car that comes

Each car that goes

But the most fun thing to count

Are the cracks in the foundation

Ants scurry to and fro

Weeds sprout all about

And sometimes we sneak a peek at what lies beneath

Suddenly its time to go

So the last place to go

Is for fro yo at the main gate

We lick, lick, lick

As the clock tick, tick,ticks

Counting the time that’s passed

And the time that’s left

Next time won’t you be our guest?

Copyright 2014 Cracks in the Foundation©

Please watch the 5:30 video we made (see below).

Credits show when the cracks in the foundation end,

but after the credits roll you will see a compilation of our visits to Castle Island

over the last four years. I hope you enjoy it.

Watching the Sunset atop Castle Island

More time with the family
Enjoying each moment
Watching the sunset atop the top of the Forte Independence at Castle Island
Cool, Crisp Breeze blows against our skin
Huddled close together as we walk through each tunnel
A view from all four corners brings a smile to all our faces
Or path lit by just half a moon
W finish off our visit with vanilla ice cream cones
The ride home is quiet as everyone is tired from all their stair climbing
Tanks once again my family for another trip to Castle Island





The body of the man who fell overboard during the country music cruise this past Saturday has been pulled from the Boston Harbor at 1:15 on Tuesday, July 29, 2013.

I’m just grateful the body didn’t surface when I was at Castle Island with my family on Sunday.

If you want to read more, click here: Body found in search for ferry passenger who fell off boat:

Our prayers continue to be with his girlfriend and his family.

You wake up with a plan in mind

You’re not expecting only to have a good day

You rush about, gathering everything you need to take with you

Making sure that everyone has what they need and what they want

Making sure that nothings left

You reach your destination

Surprise number one is that you make it in,

Surprise number two is that you see a dear old friend

Surprise number three is that the place you were in was last nights news

Surprise number four as that their still searching for the victim, which explained the news crew

Surprise number five is that everyone had a good time

Surprise number six is that after ice cream no one fights when it’s time to go

Surprise number seven is that there’s no fighting in the car on the way home

Surprise number eight is that the ride home was so great

Surprise number nine is that the kids still behave for the rest of the night

Surprise number 10 is that they all sleep quietly in their beds, without putting up a fight

While mom and dad get to put their feet up for the rest of the night

What a great end to a day full of surprises

Inspired by our trip to Castle Island 7/28/13

What a beautiful Sunday! Castle Island in South Boston, MA is a wonderful family spot. It’s even a great place to run into old friends. Enjoy the photos!






























Today, we finally made it to Crystal lake and were able get through the gate. Many people are already inside enjoying an intermission from the rain. Dogs happily play with each other, kids swing on the swings. Others peer over the fence, hoping to see a big boat or an airplane take off. Little do they know that if they wait long enough they might see something they did not expect to see. Last night during a country music cruise run by Bay State Cruises, a 41 year old male who had come with his girlfriend, fell off the Ferry at approximately 10:45pm between Castle Island and Deer Island. The water was a warm 65 degrees. 369 passengers safely remained on the boat. One coast guard helicopter is in the air and two boats are now in the water searching for the body of the 41 year old man. Rescue teams from Boston and Quincy help in the search. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, our thanks go out to all of those helping in the search.


I wake up Sunday morning happily knowing that today is a day to spend together with my family

They’re spoiled with a pancake breakfast topped with homemade syrup

While they shower, I pack their picnic lunch filled with sandwiches and fresh fruits

With Blanket, bathing suits, towels and food all packed and ready to go

We hit the road for Castle Island as fast as we can go

The road is filled with other travelers moving to and fro

Our girls are singing happily as fast as they can go

We reach our destination unpacking as fast as we can

Ready for the days adventure and happy as little clams

The Island is filled with other with just the same plan

Spending time with loved ones

The girls hit the water why we sit happily by watching their smiling faces

The comfort of the sun and conversation with each other keeps us happy until the girls return

We share our lunch together and even make new friends

We walk about the island to shed some new-found weight

As the park starts to empty we realize it’s time to go

We run to get our ice cream before we hit the road

The car is full of goodies and we are now ready to go

The trip home is full of happy thoughts from earlier today

That’s our families Sunday, it’s always such a great day.IMG_0944 IMG_0945 IMG_0948 IMG_0943 IMG_0942 IMG_0937