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Barnstable Police are investigating what caused this driver to crash into the front of the T-Mobile store in Hyannis this afternoon. David G. Curran
December 28, 2013

HYANNIS – An 88-year-old Barnstable woman was taken to Cape Cod Hospital for non-life-threatening cuts and bruises on her head, arms and chest after her car crashed through the plate glass window of a vacant store in the Kmart plaza Saturday afternoon.

Dorothy O’Connell was making a left turn at the front of the plaza in her 1993 Honda Accord, near the T-Mobile store, when she struck the rear of a car that was going straight through the intersection near the store, according to Barnstable police Officer Brian Morrison.

“She hit the gas instead of the brake and did a semicircle, going full speed over the curb and into the unoccupied storefront,” Morrison said.

The store, formerly the Casual Male clothing store, which closed last summer, is located between Supercuts and T-Mobile, which both had customers at the time of the accident around 12:30 p.m.

Kali Crocker, assistant manager at Supercuts, was in the rear of the store at the time of the accident. She felt the wall shake but nothing fell. “It sounded like a huge sheet of ice falling,” she said.

Public safety officers responded quickly to Crocker’s emergency call. “By the time I reached the front of the store, I could already hear the sirens,” she said. “Some men had come over to help the woman. She was conscious.”

O’Connell was not suffering from any condition that would have impaired her driving, according to Morrison. “It was just a freak accident,” he said.
Morrison said the car was totaled.

O’Connell’s car was moved and the storefront boarded up after the building inspector checked for structural damage.