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What’s The Punishment for Killing Your Wife?

49-Year-Old Michael Rivard pleaded not guilty for running down his wife, Beatrice Rivard, and harming their son back in November of 2012. Michael Rivard was charged with unsafe operation of a motor vehicle and for driving with a suspended license. He’s lucky, he only has to spend 20 months in jail and the rest is suspended during three years of supervised probation. His only true discomfort will be his inability to drive while he is on probation. I’m not usually one to assume the guilt of another person, but in this case, this person has been involved in a number of car related accidents with his family. It gives me the feeling that he was always trying to harm them, but could never go through with it, and this time he did, but left his special needs son alive.  It hurts to know that the value of his wife’s life was only worth 20 months in jail.  Had this been the very first time this happened, maybe I would have felt more comfortable with the sentence, but not when there were other driving related incidents involving the same people. This is the kind of mentality that puts drunk drivers back out on the road so that they to have a chance to hurt again and again.  What does it take for things to change?