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Police say elderly driver ‘lost control’ 

BOSTON — An elderly driver was taken to the hospital after he lost control of his car and crashed into a South Boston building on Saturday morning, officials said.

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It was “amazing” that the driver, who suffered minor injuries, did not injure anyone else, firefighters said.

Emergency crews were called at 9:36 a.m. to the Jack Conway Real Estate office at 710 East Broadway, according to fire department Twitter postings. One person inside the building was not injured.

Firefighters said they were waiting for the building inspector to arrive before attempting to remove the car, and a load-bearing wall may be compromised.

An adult male was extricated from the car and treated and transported by Boston emergency medical services, firefighters said.

The driver was elderly and “lost control” of the car, Boston police said.

Firefighters say the driver put the Mercury Marquis in reverse in the Rite Aid parking lot across the street before traveling across Broadway and hitting the real estate office.